Friday, December 28, 2018

So many are looking for God in all the wrong places....

Newborns can’t even crawl yet, let alone, walk, or run marathons…. So, what makes some believe that, in order to “know God,” they need to resort to extra-biblical writings? What makes them think they will find “the Truth” in the uncanonized Books, or in Talmud or in doing some online studies of Kaballah – yet they’ve never even read the BIBLE through even one time?

What makes them think they can find TRUTH on random Facebook walls consisting of “cool-sounding” memes and proclamations reposted from other walls by people who ALSO have no clue?

People, EVERYTHING you need to know about the ELOHIM we serve can be found in the Bible! Please, please READ it, and start concentrating on doing the basics that are expected of every Believer: Repent and return to God. Read and “shema” – hear AND do His Word! Start keeping His commanded Seventh Day holy; do the weekly Torah studies so you can find out WHO He is and what He expects of His people.

(And for those who don’t know what Torah is, it is simply the first five Books of the Bible containing God’s Divine Instructions to mankind. Torah is our blueprint for moral, holy living.)

Start doing HIS commanded Feasts and stop eating “unclean” foods. Once you have a good grasp of those things, then MAYBE (if God has graced you with discernment) will you be able to read “extra-biblical” books without becoming confused, blindly accepting what they say, or believing yourself qualified to teach others HIS Truth….

So many are falling by the wayside because they are looking for God in all the wrong places....

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