Monday, August 10, 2020

You’re no longer a “Gentile”….

So many believers erroneously keep referring to themselves as Gentiles. They've never realized that they're no longer "Gentile" once they have accepted the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

They have become "Hebrew" and thus, a part of Israel - God's CHOSEN - and here's why:

Remember how YHWH told Abram (the pagan Chaldean who accepted YHWH as his ELOHIM) "to cross over" into the land which YHWH commanded him to head to, in Genesis 12?

Well, once he crossed over (both physically and spiritually), he became a "Hebrew" - a word that means, "to cross over!" Abram as you know, became our first forefather, and was renamed Abraham (a name that translates to "Father of a multitude).

This also means that YOU "become a Hebrew" once you have accepted YHWH as your God and His Divine Son whose shed blood removed your past sins! (John 14:6)

Now, note what YHWH commanded His people to do just before they FINALLY got to enter the Promised Land of Israel:

Deuteronomy 11: 30 Both are west of the Yarden, in the direction of the sunset, in the land of the Kena'ani living in the 'Aravah, across from Gilgal, near the pistachio trees of Moreh. 31 For you are to cross the Yarden to enter and take possession of the land ADONAI your God is giving you; you are to own it and live in it. 32 And you are to take care to follow all the laws and rulings I am setting before you today. (CJB)

Note the words, "you are to cross" in verse 31, followed by a warning to FOLLOW ALL THE LAWS AND RULINGS they've learned over the last 40 years....

Once we "cross over" we MUST obey His Divine Instructions in Righteousness, IF we want all to "go well with us." (See Exodus 15:26, Deuteronomy 6:3 and 12:28, Jeremiah 7:23, and a whole host of other passages.) YHWH reiterated that over and over again, throughout the entire Torah - as did Yeshua and his Apostles in the Renewed Covenant!

Notice what I said above? Once WE "cross over?" .... Yup - same God, same rules....(See Exodus 12:49, Numbers 15:13-16, Isaiah 56:6, Galatians 3:28 and Romans 10:12-13.)

You too can become a true warrior for YHWH … if you can start backing up your facts via Scripture!

Hey, everybody. Did you all know YOU could become warriors for YHWH/Yeshua/Torah in these end times? In order to do that, though, you have to learn to not just give your opinions to this lost and decadent world of ours; but to actually be able to prove what you say by backing it up with Scripture.

If you don’t, then all you’re doing is presenting just another “opinion” …

A quick example of this would be if someone tries to tell you that MONEY is the root of all evil. You – KNOWING what the Bible says – can respond with: “No, 1 Timothy 6:10 says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear (Matthew 13:9-16) will understand that they were wrong and correct themselves. The blind and stubborn will keep on proclaiming to the world that “Money is the root of all evil.” They don't even realize that they will some day stand before YHWH to explain why they kept leading people astray with their falsehoods.

Even Yeshua, when “tested” by the Adversary (Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4) responded with “It is written.” What was “written” during his time? Torah and Tanach…. (Early manuscripts of the biblical texts did not contain the chapter and verse divisions in the numbered form familiar to modern readers.)

Anyway, as you all know, most opinions are pretty much worthless because they’re not necessarily based on facts. All it takes is a little effort on your part. Knowledge is power!

You don’t have to be a Bible expert or scholar; you just have to be familiar enough to know exactly what the Bible says and doesn’t say – and then Google the passages….

Proverbs 18:15 An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. (ESV)

Proverbs 15:14 The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouths of fools feed on folly. (ESV)

Proverbs 1:22 “How long, O simple ones, will you love being simple? How long will scoffers delight in their scoffing and fools hate knowledge?  (ESV)

We are ALL capable of being warriors for YHWH, telling the world not only what we THINK on any given Bible subject, but also gaining respect for being able to back it up with actual Scripture references to show that we DO know what we're talking about. That is all part of how the "sheep" are separated from the "goats"....

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Let’s once again discuss the word “fulfilled”….

"The church" keeps insisting that the word "fulfilled" somehow meant "abolished". Well, it didn't! While your job as parent teaching your kids how to be safe, and to, for instance, NOT cross the road without first looking both ways to make sure it was safe to cross, ended when those kids grew up, did that mean they could now start crossing the road WITHOUT looking both ways first?

Well, it's the same with God's Divine Instructions! Jesus didn't bring anything new when he came to do everything His Father commanded; he simply went on to explain and even demonstrate the need for Torah! His death didn't relieve anyone from OBEDIENCE to the Divine Instructions. It simply alleviated the need for us to NOT have to kill an innocent animal to atone for our sins.

Let's examine this a little further:

Matthew 5: 17 Don’t think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to complete. 18 Yes indeed! I tell you that until heaven and earth pass away, not so much as a yud or a stroke will pass from the Torah – not until everything that must happen has happened.

19 So whoever disobeys the least of these mitzvot and teaches others to do so will be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. But whoever obeys them and so teaches will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven. 20 For I tell you that unless your righteousness is far greater than that of the Torah-teachers and P'rushim, you will certainly not enter the Kingdom of Heaven! (CJB)

Has everything that "must happen" happened yet? Have "heaven and earth passed away? If not, then it seems believers are supposed to BE Torah observant today!

The verse in Matthew 5:17-20 that says: "So whoever disobeys the least of these mitzvot and teaches others to do so will be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven" is a major key, because it is talking about YHWH's commands!

What commands are they? TORAH commands - which still stand today ... and WE are obligated, as believers, to keep those that we can! We need to pay special attention to those that have the word "forever" or "throughout your generations" attached to them.

Why? Because "forever" hasn't ended yet! Not to mention, "fulfill" never meant "to put an end to." It means, Yeshua came to do His Father's will and to fulfill "the next thing on the agenda".....

"Fulfill", among other things, means to have proper understanding of a scriptural passage, such as recognizing a precise fulfillment of prophecy. Therefore, for instance, when Yeshua says, "This word is fulfilled in your hearing," he means that he is the goal or object of that prophecy and has now arrived on the scene to do his mission as specified according to prophecy.

Now, if the "fulfillment" has not happened yet, as is the case when Yeshua says, "All that is written in the Torah and Prophets must be fulfilled," then it means, quite obviously "kept", "vouchsafed" or "adhered to" – the exact opposite of passing away!

That is also why he says, "He who keeps (fulfills) my words shall not taste death!"

Friday, August 7, 2020

Tired of trials and tribulations? Be like Yeshua!

Have you, as a Believer,  ever pondered the many trials you’ve had to endure SINCE you became a Believer?

Well, that’s often because the Adversary is doing everything in his power to get you to reject YHWH and His Divine Messiah!  (And, sometimes, YHWH Himself is trying to teach you some lessons in self-discipline - as he did with Abraham who thought YHWH really wanted him to sacrifice of his own son, Isaac….)

Yeshua, as you know, underwent MANY trials (all aptly outlined in Isaiah 53!) We don’t know how many he had BEFORE he received the Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit, but AFTER he did, what was the first thing that happened?  The Adversary began TESTING him!  (See Luke 3:21-23 and Luke 4.)  He even offered Yeshua all the kingdoms in the world!  (THAT was a pretty impressive bribe!)

But Yeshua didn’t fall for it, for he KNEW who he was and what he had to do!

And then, instead of fighting or arguing with the Adversary, he kept doing what?  Quoting Torah and Tanakh (“Old” Testament)!  Take a look:

Luke 4:4 Then Yeshua, filled with the Ruach HaKodesh, returned from the Yarden and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness 2 for forty days of testing by the Adversary. During that time he ate nothing, and afterwards he was hungry.

3 The Adversary said to him, “If you are the Son of God, order this stone to become bread.” 4 Yeshua answered him, “The Tanakh says, ‘Man does not live on bread alone.’” (Ref Deuteronomy 8:3)

5 The Adversary took him up, showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world, 6 and said to him, “I will give you all this power and glory. It has been handed over to me, and I can give it to whomever I choose. 7 So if you will worship me, it will all be yours.” 8 Yeshua answered him, “The Tanakh says, ‘Worship ADONAI your God and serve him only.’”

9 Then he took him to Yerushalayim, set him on the highest point of the Temple and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, jump from here! 10 For the Tanakh says, ‘He will order his angels to be responsible for you and to protect you. 11 They will support you with their hands, so that you will not hurt your feet on the stones.’”  (Ref Psalm 91:11, 12)

12 Yeshua answered him, “It also says, ‘Do not put ADONAI your God to the test.’” (Ref Deuteronomy 6:13-17)  13 When the Adversary had ended all his testings, he let him alone until an opportune time. (CJB)

So, try to remember these things the next time you face some trials and tribulations.  If you truly belong to YHWH/Yeshua, you WILL come through it all, shining like refined gold and silver! (You might not think so at the time, but when you do things according to Torah, you can't go wrong!)

Job 23:10 Yet he knows the way I take; when he has tested me, I will come out like gold.

Zechariah 13:2 But who can endure the day when he comes? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner's fire, like the soapmaker's lye. 3 He will sit, testing and purifying the silver; he will purify the sons of Levi, refining them like gold and silver, so that they can bring offerings to ADONAI uprightly.

Zechariah 13:9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried. They shall call on My Name, and I will answer them; I will say, It is My people; and they shall say, Yahweh my Elohim is my Elohim.

Malachi 3:2 But who can endure the day when he comes? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner's fire, like the soapmaker's lye. 3 He will sit, testing and purifying the silver; he will purify the sons of Levi, refining them like gold and silver, so that they can bring offerings to ADONAI uprightly.

Isaiah 48:10 "Look, I have refined you, but not [as severely] as silver; [rather] I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.

Job 23:10 Yet he knows the way I take; when he has tested me, I will come out like gold. 11 My feet have stayed in his footsteps; I keep to his way without turning aside. 12 I don't withdraw from his lips' command; I treasure his words more than my daily food.

Something very serious to ponder

Scripture warns us to guard our mouths and even to take every thought captive (Psalm 141:3, Proverbs 21:23, 2 Corinthians 10:5, etc).  Why?  Because thinking leads to action. 

Throughout the entire Bible we are told to be holy/set apart, from the inside-out. Our bodies are the TEMPLE today (Leviticus 15:31; 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 and 6:15-20); yet we often forget we are, in essence, carrying within us “Holy Ground”; and offending the Ruach/Holy Spirit with any unclean thoughts, words or actions....

"For I am Adonai your God; therefore, consecrate yourselves and be holy, for I am holy … you are to be holy, because I am holy (Leviticus 11:44 and 45, CJB)

" people are to be holy for me; because I, Adonai, am holy; and I have set you apart from the other peoples, so that you can belong to me." (Leviticus 20:26, CJB)

You see, YHWH commanded us to "be holy" so we could be in His presence and He could dwell with us.  "In this way you will separate the people of Isra'el from their uncleanness, so that they will not die in a state of uncleanness for defiling my tabernacle which is there with them." (Leviticus 15:31, CJB)

"The person who remains unclean and does not purify himself will be cut off from the community because he has defiled the sanctuary of Adonai." (Numbers 19:20 CJB)

NONE of this changed when Messiah Yeshua martyred himself on our behalf!  The rules for holiness didn’t change; the only thing that changed was that innocent animals no longer had to die to atone for our sins!

2 Corinthians 6: 14. And don’t be yoked with those who do not believe: for what fellowship has righteousness with iniquity or what fellowship[1] has light with darkness.  15. Or what agreement has the Mashiyach with the Accuser or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? 

16. Or what agreement has the temple of Elohim with that of demons?[2] For you are the temple of the living Elohim; as it is said, I will dwell among them, and walk among them, and will be their Elohim, and they will be my people. 

17. Wherefore, you come out from among them, and be separate from them says Master YHWH; and don’t come near the unclean thing,[3] and I will receive you;  18. And will be to you a Father,[4] and you will be sons and daughters to me, says Master YHWH the Almighty.[5] (AENT)


[1]  Another place where “communion” was inserted into Christian versions, where it is clearly and simply “fellowship.”

[2]   Present tense, the Temple was still standing when this Epistle was written and therefore before the year 70.  Of course, Pauline authorship also gives us this time, since the Apostle died before 67.

[3]  See Leviticus 5:2; 7:21; 11:8, 31; Deut 14:8; Isaiah 52:11; Lam 4:15; Haggai 2:13.

[4]  Psalm 103:13; Malachi 1:6

[5] Literally, “Master YHWH that (is) all power.”

1 Peter 2: 5. And you also, as living stones, are built and become spiritual temples and Set Apart priests for the offering of Spiritual Sacrifices,[1] acceptable before Elohim through Y’shua the Mashiyach. (AENT)


The spiritual component of sacrifice is much more important than what is being “sacrificed”; otherwise it would have no more significance than a backyard barbecue.  A sacrifice is evaluated by spiritual content that is elucidated in Torah, the Prophets and through Mashiyach.

The surrender of one’s will, peace offerings, bountiful offerings, thanksgiving offerings, mercy offerings, or sacrifices to establish resolve or new direction, congregational sacrifices, national sacrifices, sacrifices towards becoming Set Apart, or sacrifices to aid purity of thought and attitude are all potential “spiritual sacrifices.” 

“Spiritual sacrifices” unto YHWH are Set Apart and distinct from the sacrifices towards the physical gods of materialism, relativism or religious identity.  All authentic spiritual sacrifices have components of Righteousness, Judgment, Justice, Mercy and Faith; they are not cerebral, but spiritual, not in word only but in deed (visible) as well, and they are made with spiritual intent within the heart. 

Will evil people who believe in God, get to have eternal life?


I was talking to a new friend last night while looking at the stars and the subject of different beliefs came up. He mentioned someone once told him “all you have to do is believe in Jesus and you are saved”. My friend questioned if evil people believed would they have eternal life? What do you suggest for explaining this to him?  Thanks!


That's a GREAT question!  Thank you!  The short answer is NO! You can't be evil and have the Ruach residing within.

The longer answer is this:

Throughout the Torah we see YHWH preaching obedience to His Divine Instructions in Righteousness that reveal who God is, and what He expects of His people.

He is clear that those who know His Torah are NOT to engage in deliberate sinning of ANY kind, and that there is no sin sacrifice for continued, deliberate sinning. If anyone is "evil" that means they're committing some kind of sin, and there will be no sinners in the Olam Haba (world to come).

Numbers 15: 30 "'But an individual who does something wrong intentionally, whether a citizen or a foreigner, is blaspheming ADONAI. That person will be cut off from his people. (CJB)

This is reiterated in the "New Testament" which constantly refers back to Torah.

Hebrews 10: 26 For if we deliberately continue to sin after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, 27 but only the terrifying prospect of Judgment, or raging fire that will consume the enemies. (AENT)

Hebrews 6: 4. But they who have once descended to immersion and have tasted the gift from heaven and have received the Ruach haKodesh 5. and have tasted the good Word of Elohim and the power of the world to come, 6. cannot again sin and a second time be renewed to repentance; or a second time execute him on a stake and insult the Son of Elohim.

7. For the earth that drinks the rain which comes often upon it and produces the herb that is of use to those for whom it is cultivated, receives a blessing from Elohim. 8. But if it should put forth thorns and briers, it would be discarded and be approaching closely to a curse, and its end would be a conflagration. (AENT)

Leviticus 26: 23 If, in spite of all this, you refuse my correction and still go against me; then I too will go against you; and I, yes I, will strike you seven times over for your sins. (CJB)

1 Corinthians 6: 9. Or don't you know, that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of Elohim?* Make no mistake! Neither sexual sinners, nor idol-worshippers, nor adulterers, nor the corrupt, nor men who lay down with other men, 10. Nor the oppressors, nor thieves, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, will inherit the Kingdom of Elohim. (AENT)

FOOTNOTE: Compare this to Matthew 5:17-20, where we are told that breaking the least commandment of Torah and teaching others to do the same makes a person "least in the kingdom" but they still get in. Y'shua implies that those with more serious sins won't make it in: "Depart from me, workers of iniquity, I never knew you"; but here, Rav Shaul gives a more specific list of what will keep them out.

1 Corinthians 6: 17. But he that joins himself to our Master (Y'shua), is with him one spirit. 18. Flee from sexual sin. For every (other) sin which a man commits, is external to his body; but he that commits sexual sin, sins against his own body. (AENT)

NOTE Sexual sin goes deeper than the body - because the Image of Elohim is both male and female (B'resheet/Gen. 1:27)... and when violating someone sexually, we are distorting that Image and basically spurning the One who created male and female according to His own Image! But the other point is also that a sexual sinner brings sin upon himself rather than his partner, and vice versa, unless rape or abuse is involved.

It is not sin per se that causes a person who professes to be a believer to be eternally estranged from YHWH but, rather, it is our surrender to sin which causes our faith and faithfulness to dim or completely die out. We flirt with spiritual disaster if we - by our thoughts, words, and conduct - deny Messiah, reject grace, spurn redemption, and push away the Holy Spirit.

Under the “Old Covenant,” YHWH put to death people who willingly disobeyed His commands or offered "strange fire" (Lev. 10:1-2). There was no atonement for intentional sin - and there still isn't. All of the sin offerings of the Levitical Law were for unintentional sin.

Case in point, Numbers 15:32-35 tells us: While the Israelites were in the desert, a man was found gathering wood on the Sabbath day. Those who found him gathering wood brought him to Moses and Aaron and the whole assembly, and they kept him in custody because it was not clear what should be done to him. Then YHWH said to Moses, "The man must die. The whole assembly must stone him outside the camp".

The man who sinned willingly was not deceived in any way. He was not driven by uncontrollable impulses. He simply decided to ignore what God had said about the Sabbath. His reward was death.

Leviticus 4: 27 If an individual among the people commits a sin inadvertently, doing something against any of the mitzvot of ADONAI concerning things which should not be done, he is guilty. (CJB)

Under the Renewed Covenant, we are STILL expected to be holy!  That never changed!  For more on this, please check out our website’s article on deliberate sinning.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Could you please explain what "fullness of the Gentiles" is in Luke 21:20-24?


Could you please tell me what your definition of the "fullness of the Gentiles" is in Luke 21:20-24?


Great question! In order to answer that, we must back up to Luke 21:10-19 where we see Yeshua talking about people fighting, nations at war, etc. - because, as you know, satan has already been in control of the earth (gentiles/heathens/pagans) since the beginning. We know this because in Luke 4:5-7, satan is offering the earth to Yeshua, to follow him! Of course, Yeshua doesn't; and, instead of fighting and arguing with the devil, He quotes Torah and says to worship YHWH only.

And so, in verse 21-24, the "times of the Gentiles be fulfilled", or "fullness of the Gentiles" means that satan's control of the gentiles will come to an end, and people will have to make a choice between him and YHWH.

Luke 21: 10. For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. 11. And there will be severe earthquakes from place to place and famine and plagues. And there will be fears and terrors and great signs will be seen from Heaven. And the winters will be severe.

12. But before these things, they will lay hands upon you and persecute you. And they will deliver you to the assemblies and to the prisons. And they will bring you before kings and governors because of my name. 13. But it will be to you for a testimony. 14. But place it in your hearts that you should not try to learn how to answer. 15. For I will give you a mouth and wisdom so that all your enemies will not be able to stand against it.

16. And your parents and your brothers and your relatives and your friends will betray you. And they will kill some of you. 17. Then you will be hated by all men because of my name. 18. Yet not a strand of hair from your head will perish. 19. And by your patience you will gain your souls. (AENT)

Luke 21: 20. And when you see that an army has surrounded Urishlim, then know that its destruction has drawn near to it. 21. Then those who are in Yehuda, let them flee to the mountains. And those who are within it, let them flee. And those in the villages, let them not enter into it. 22. Because these are the days of vengeance that might be fulfilled everything that is written.

23. But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing in those days! For there will be great distress in the land and wrath upon this people. 24. And they will fall by the edge of the sword and be led away to every land. And Urishlim will be trampled by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. (AENT)

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Let's do a mini-study of John 5:18...

John 5: 18. And because of this the Yehudeans were seeking all the more to kill him, not only because he had loosed[1]  the Shabbat, but also concerning that he would say that his Father was Elohim and was equating[2]  himself with Elohim. (AENT)


[1]  Y’shua did not break the Shabbat according to Torah; rather, he restored the observance of Shabbat as YHWH intended, without the burden of religious tradition.  In so doing, the traditions of the Pharisees had been violated, but certainly NOT YHWH’s Torah, whose every word was written down by Moshe, as instructed.
[2]  To consider oneself “equal” to YHWH is a very serious matter!  Y’shua spoke of himself as being about his Father’s business, of coming in his Father’s Name; he spoke and taught with authority and performed healings which made him a formidable opponent to religious tradition. 

The charge here of Y’shua making himself equal to YHWH is simply Pharisee tradition projecting itself onto Y’shua.  The Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit) in Mashiyach (Messiah) is “equal” to YHWH, but the Pharisees supposed that Y’shua and his followers equated his humanity with YHWH. 

They didn’t understand Isaiah 11:1-2, that Mashiyach has the Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit (which is another name for YHWH — Psalm 51:1-11, Isaiah 63:1-11) within him.  YHWH spoke through the Spirit of Mashiyach, rather than through his human component! 

Remember, in Torah YHWH said HE would send a prophet who was to do everything He ordered him to do:

Deuteronomy 18: 15 "ADONAI will raise up for you a prophet like me from among yourselves, from your own kinsmen. You are to pay attention to him, 16 just as when you were assembled at Horev and requested ADONAI your God, 'Don't let me hear the voice of ADONAI my God any more, or let me see this great fire ever again; if I do, I will die!' 17 On that occasion ADONAI said to me, 'They are right in what they are saying. 18 I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their kinsmen. I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I order him. (CJB)

Yeshua Himself said He came to do HIS FATHER's will; not his own!

John 6: 35. Y'shua said to them, I am the Bread of Life. Whoever comes to me will not hunger. And whoever believes in me will not ever thirst. 36. But I have said to you that you have seen me, and you do not believe. 37. All who my Father has given to me will come, and whoever comes not to me I will cast outside!

38. For I came down from heaven, not to do my will, but to do the will of Him who sent me. 39. And this is His will, that of Him who sent me, that all that He has given to me I do not lose even one. 40. For this is the will of my Father, that all who see the Son and believe in him, will have life that is eternal. And I will raise him up on the last day. (AENT)

NOTE: As in the context of Miltha (the Word) or the "Manifestation" or the "Will of" YHWH coming down from heaven to do the Will of YHWH upon earth; his Spirit is of YHWH but his nephesh (soul) and body are human and temporal. This shows that Yeshua was NOT in charge at the time; HIS FATHER WAS!  (YHWH Himself cannot be born or die; but his human Messiah did both.)

Y’shua maintained that his nefesh (soul) would die, but that YHWH would resurrect it! Y’shua believed his own nefesh was mortal.  Zechariah 12:10 the Spirit of YHWH is “pierced” but they mourn for him (Y’shua) as an only begotten son.  YHWH Himself cannot literally be “pierced”; therefore, this refers to Mashiyach who has the Spirit of YHWH in him. 

Monday, August 3, 2020

Wisdom and warnings in 2 Peter 3

2 Peter 3:1. This second letter, my beloved, I now write to you; in (both of) which I stir up your honest mind by admonition:  2. that you may be mindful of the words which were formerly spoken by the Set Apart prophets, and of the commandment of our Master and Redeemer by the hand of the Shlichim:  3. knowing this previously, that there will come in the last days scoffers who will scoff, walking according to their own lusts  4. and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for, since our fathers fell asleep, everything remains just as from the beginning of the creation. 

5. For this they willingly forget, that the heavens were of old; and the earth rose up from the waters, and by means of water, by the Word of Elohim.  6. (And), by means of these (waters), the world which then was, (being submerged) again perished in the waters.  7. And the heavens that now are, and the earth, are by His Word stored up, being reserved for the fire at the day of judgment and the perdition of wicked men. 

8. And of this one thing, my beloved, be not forgetful: That one day to Master YHWH, is as a thousand years; and a thousand years, as one day.  9. Master YHWH does not delay His promises as some estimate delay; but He is long suffering for your sakes, being not willing that any should perish, but that everyone should come to repentance. 

10. And the day of Master YHWH will come like a thief; in which the heavens will suddenly pass away; and the elements, being ignited, will be dissolved; and the earth and the works in it will not be found.  11. As therefore all these things are to be dissolved, what persons should you be, in Set Apart conduct and in the Fear of Elohim,  12. expecting and desiring the coming of the day of Elohim in which the heavens being tried by fire will be dissolved and the elements being ignited will melt? [1] 

NOTE 1:  This complements Matthew 5:17-20; the followers of Y’shua will continue to observe Torah as this great event transpires.


13. But we, according to his promise, expect new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.  14. Therefore, my beloved, as you expect these things, strive that you may be found by him in peace, without spot and without blemish.  15. And account the long suffering of Master YHWH to be redemption; as also our beloved brother Paul, according to the wisdom conferred on him, wrote to you;  16. as also in all his letters speaking in them of these things in which there is something difficult to be understood; (and) which they who are ignorant and unstable pervert, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures,[2] to their own destruction.

NOTE 2: It’s rather shocking that Peter writes of how Paul’s letters had already been turned into a Torahless fiasco, even in Peter’s day!  Certainly it was not the Pharisees who were renouncing Torah Observance, but the humanist, pagan and materialist, “modernists” who operated under “Christian” labels.


17. You therefore, my beloved, as you know (these things) beforehand, guard yourselves or else, by going after the error of the Torahless, you fall from your steadfastness.  18. But be you growing in grace.[3] and in the knowledge of our Master and Redeemer Y’shua the Mashiyach and of Elohim the Father: whose is the glory now and always and to the days of eternity. Amen. (AENT)

NOTE 3: Grace is the opposite of torahlessness.  The Renewed Covenant prescribes Torah written upon the hearts of YHWH’s people; therefore, when we allow Him to write Torah upon our hearts, we are receiving Torah by His Grace and entering into the Renewed Covenant.

A mini-teaching on "mezuzahs"

Those who have been Torah observant for a while, know what a "mezuzah" is, and probably have one on their door. But for those who don't, you'll find this very interesting:

A mezuzah is a piece of parchment (often contained in a decorative case) inscribed with specified Hebrew verses from the Torah (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21). These verses comprise the Jewish prayer "Shema Yisrael", beginning with the phrase: "Hear, O Israel, ADONAI our God, ADONAI is One."

Here is the origin of the mezuzah:

Deuteronomy 6: 4 "Sh'ma, Yisra'el! ADONAI Eloheinu, ADONAI echad [Hear, Isra'el! ADONAI our God, ADONAI is one]; 5 and you are to love ADONAI your God with all your heart, all your being and all your resources. 6 These words, which I am ordering you today, are to be on your heart; 7 and you are to teach them carefully to your children. You are to talk about them when you sit at home, when you are traveling on the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 8 Tie them on your hand as a sign, put them at the front of a headband around your forehead, 9 and write them on the door-frames of your house and on your gates.(CJB)

Deuteronomy 11: 18 Therefore, you are to store up these words of mine in your heart and in all your being; tie them on your hand as a sign; put them at the front of a headband around your forehead; 19 teach them carefully to your children, talking about them when you sit at home, when you are traveling on the road, when you lie down and when you get up; 20 and write them on the door-frames of your house and on your gates.... (CJB)

To help remind Believers that YHWH is always with them, they affix a mezuzah to the door frame of their homes to fulfill the mitzvah (Biblical commandment) to inscribe the words of the Shema "on the doorposts of your house" (Deuteronomy 6:9). In that passage, YHWH commands His people to keep His words constantly in our minds and in our hearts by (among other things) writing them on the doorposts of our house.

The case containing the scroll is nailed or affixed usually (but not necessarily!) to the door frame about one third from the top of the door jamb with the top of the Mezuzah at an angle (facing toward the center of the room one is entering.) The reason many affix it at an angle is because the Rabbis couldn't decide whether to attach it horizontally or vertically. No Mezuzah is affixed at the entrance to bathrooms and toilets, for obvious reasons.

When affixing a Mezuzah to your door one recites the prayer:

Hebrew: "Baruch attah YHWH eloheynu melekh ha-olam, asher kidshanu b'mitzvotav v'tzivanu likboa m'zuzah"

English: Blessed art Thou, O YHWH our Elohim, King of the universe, who has sanctified us by His commandments and commanded us to affix a Mezuzah.

Every time you pass through a door with a Mezuzah on it, you touch the mezuzah. This merely shows your love and respect for YHWH and His Word, and indicates that you have opened the doors of your heart to Him.

Revelation 3: 20 "Behold I have been standing at the door, and I will knock; if any man hear my voice and open the door. I will come in to him, and will dine with him and he with Me."

It is proper to remove a Mezuzah when you move, and in fact, it is usually recommended. If you leave it in place, the subsequent owner may treat it with disrespect.

The Mezuzah is significant for Believers because when we place it on our doorpost it is symbolic of us having Torah written upon our hearts (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Proverbs 3:1,3; Jeremiah 31:31-34; Ezekiel 36:26. 27; Romans 2:14, 15; 2 Corinthians 3:3; Hebrews 8:8-12; Hebrews 10:16). In 2 Corinthians 3:3 Rav Shaul references Jeremiah 31:33 indicating YHWH has written Torah upon our hearts - therefore we are a spiritual Mezuzah since we become "containers" of YHWH's Torah!

The Mezuzah on the doorpost of our homes displays a powerful message that our household honors YHWH and that it is dedicated to His Torah.

As you can see in the tiny sampling, below, Mezuzahs come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Reader question on Pricilla’s role….


Now a Jew named Apollos, a native of Alexandria, came to Ephesus. He was an eloquent man, competent in the Scriptures. He had been instructed in the way of the Lord. And being fervent in spirit, he spoke and taught accurately the things concerning Jesus, though he knew only the baptism of John. He began to speak boldly in the synagogue, but when -------->Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately.

Acts 18:24‭-‬26

The bit pointed out above is the part I had a question on:

Recently heard that the part Priscilla played in teaching Apollos was not actually "teaching" but rather domestic support via cooking and serving, because women cannot teach men.

How would one accurately respond to such a statement? When I heard this I disagreed with it, yet would like to respond biblically so that I do not seem like I'm trying to usurp, or whatever.


Be careful what you read that others say. Demand from them that their 'opinion" be supported by scripture! Again, I implore you to let scripture interpret scripture and evaluate what others say. Go back to Acts 18:1-5. Here we are introduced to Aquila and Priscilla, Aquila a Jew and Priscilla a gentile from Italy. But Acts 18:2-4 describes that they were receptive of the teachings of Paul. So it is foolish to think that Priscilla only fulfilled the role of "domestic support"! She was Aquila's partner, his mate, his "echad".

Understand what was going on. Aquila and Priscilla came to Corinth from Italy as victims of Roman persecution, not for their Messianic faith but because Aquila was a Jew. Aquila and Priscilla found their way to Corinth and settled there, pursuing their trade as tentmakers. When Paul, a tentmaker himself, came to Corinth, he went to see them, no doubt having heard of their faith in Yeshua. Paul lived and worked with them while founding the Corinthian church. Paul stayed with them for a year and a half (Acts 18:11)!

So we can safely say that Priscilla was not simply deemed "domestic support"! Anyone who says so is only expressing bias.

We read again of Aquila and Priscilla in 1 Corinthians 16:18-20, Romans 16:3, and 2 Timothy 4:19. Paul had high regard for Aquila and Priscilla and mentioned her "in union with the Lord"! There is no reason to believe she only held a subjugated role. This was NOT the intent of the husband-wife relationship.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Don’t believe the Hebrew Roots types who are teaching that we aren’t obliged to keep the Seventh Day holy!

It's so disappointing to see some "Hebrew Roots" types teaching their followers horrific lies such as this one:

"In conclusion: since we are no longer under the Law of Moses, but rather under the Law of Messiah, followers of Messiah in this day and age are free to keep the Shabbat on one hand while on the other hand are not obliged to do so."

That is blatantly FALSE teaching!

First of all, those of us who believe that Yeshua's blood redeemed us, are "followers of YHWH" (without whom there would have been no human Messiah to be born or die for us!), who sent us His Messiah who came to proclaim the Kingdom of YHWH, tear down the fences of man's legalism, do everything his Father commanded, and to REDEEM us from our PAST sins!  (See John 12:44-50).

The Messiah did NOT come to replace YHWH or release us from Torah obedience - and especially not from the Divine Rules YHWH said were set in place "forever" or "throughout your generations!" or "as a perpetual covenant."

"Forever" didn't end the day Yeshua died, and "fulfilled" doesn't mean he "abolished" the Torah commands.

Exodus 20:8 "Remember the day, Shabbat, to set it apart for God. 9 You have six days to labor and do all your work, 10 but the seventh day is a Shabbat for ADONAI your God. On it, you are not to do any kind of work -not you, your son or your daughter, not your male or female slave, not your livestock, and not the foreigner staying with you inside the gates to your property.

11 For in six days, ADONAI made heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them; but on the seventh day he rested. This is why ADONAI blessed the day, Shabbat, and separated it for himself. (CJB)

Exodus 31:16 The people of Isra'el are to keep the Shabbat, to observe Shabbat through all their generations as a perpetual covenant. 17 It is a sign between me and the people of Isra'el forever; for in six days ADONAI made heaven and earth, but on the seventh day he stopped working and rested.'" (CJB)

Ezekiel 20: 11 I gave them my laws and showed them my rulings; if a person obeys them, he will have life through them. 12 I gave them my shabbats as a sign between me and them, so that they would know that I, ADONAI, am the one who makes them holy. (CJB) Secondly, there is not one single Scripture that suggests that the commanded Seventh Day Sabbath (a day that sets Believers APART from the world's pagans!) was abolished with the death of Yeshua. (CJB)

Which of the above passages suggest that the Sabbath would be abolished upon the death of Messiah, or that we would be under “the Law of Messiah” after his death?  This kind of reasoning is exactly why Jews today do NOT want to accept Yeshua!  YHWH told His people since the very beginning that HE WAS THE ONLY GOD!  (Exodus 20:3 and 34:14; Deuteronomy 4:35 and 32:39; 2 Kings 19:15; Psalm 86:10; Nehemiah 9:6; Isaiah 44:8 and 45:5, etc.)

The Bible tells us YHWH expressly reserved the seventh day for Himself, placing His blessing upon it, and claimed it as His holy day.

Genesis 2:Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, along with everything in them. 2 On the seventh day God was finished with his work which he had made, so he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. 3 God blessed the seventh day and separated it as holy; because on that day God rested from all his work which he had created, so that it itself could produce. (CJB)

Here is what Moshe/Moses told Israel in the wilderness:

Exodus 16:22 On the sixth day they gathered twice as much bread, two ‘omers per person; and all the community leaders came and reported to Moshe. 23 He told them, “This is what Adonai has said: ‘Tomorrow is a holy Shabbat for Adonai. Bake what you want to bake; boil what you want to boil; and whatever is left over, set aside and keep for the morning.’”

24 They set it aside till morning, as Moshe had ordered; and it didn’t rot or have worms. 25 Moshe said, “Today, eat that; because today is a Shabbat for Adonai — today you won’t find it in the field. 26 Gather it six days, but the seventh day is the Shabbat — on that day there won’t be any.” 27 However, on the seventh day, some of the people went out to gather and found none.

28 Adonai said to Moshe, “How long will you refuse to observe my mitzvot and teachings? 29 Look, Adonai has given you the Shabbat. This is why he is providing bread for two days on the sixth day. Each of you, stay where you are; no one is to leave his place on the seventh day.” (S: vi) 30 So the people rested on the seventh day. (CJB)

These rules were never meant to be “just for the Jews”; so don’t EVER let anyone tell you that YOU are “not obliged to keep the Seventh Day Sabbath!  Since we are “one in Messiah,”  (Galatians 3:28 and Numbers 15:13-16) we are to do exactly as HIS people do! And HIS people (which includes YOU) are supposed to REST on His WEEKLY Shabbats!  (See Exodus 12:49, Numbers 15:13-16, Isaiah 56:6, Galatians 3:28 and Romans 10:12-13.)

Friday, July 31, 2020

Does Mark 7 really suggest that Yeshua declared all foods clean?

The short answer is:  NO!  Unfortunately, some Hebrew Roots types are teaching that it does.  So, let's take a look at Mark 7:14-23 in context.

MARK 7:14. And Y’shua called all the crowd and said to them, Hear me all of you and understand, 15.  There isn’t anything that is on the outside of a man that enters into him that is able to defile him.  But the thing that goes out from him, that is the thing that defiles a man.  16. He who has ears to hear, let him hear! 

17. And when Y’shua entered into the house away from the crowd, his disciples asked him about that saying. 18. He said to them, You are likewise slow to understand. You do not know that everything which enters into a man from the outside is not able to defile him. 19. Because it does not enter into his heart, rather into his belly and is cast out by excretion, which purifies all the food. (AENT)

More on this in a moment, but first, it's imperative to know that most Greek Bible versions in Mark 7:18-20 have ADDED the sentence, "Thus Jesus declared all foods clean" (or some form thereof). Example, here's a sample from the NIV:

Mark 7: 18 "Are you so dull?" he asked. "Don't you see that nothing that enters a man from the outside can make him 'unclean'? 19 For it doesn't go into his heart but into his stomach, and then out of his body." (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods "clean.") (NIV)

Truth is, Yeshua never uttered those words! This sentence was added in order to support the idea that today we are allowed to eat anything we want!

God was clear from the beginning about what we could and couldn't eat. Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 provide a list of animals that are not to be eaten as food; and included in this list of "unclean" foods are some of man's favorites: pork, shrimp, lobster, crab, catfish, squid, rabbit, squirrel, etc.

The New Testament, on the other hand, seems to indicate that God changed His mind somewhere along the line, which is absolutely untrue!

Here is what the original documents stated (i.e., the Khabouris Codex - a copy of the oldest "New Testament" ever discovered, which some scholars date between 120 - 160 AD):

MARK 7:18. He said to them, You are likewise slow to understand. You do not know that everything which enters into a man from the outside is not able to defile him. 19. Because it does not enter into his heart, rather into his belly and is cast out by excretion, which purifies all the food.20. But anything that goes out from a man is that which defiles a man.

21. For from the inside, from the heart of the sons of men proceeds evil thoughts, adultery, fornication, theft, murder, 22. Extortion, wickedness, deceit, lust. An evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. 23. All these evil things, they do proceed from within a man and defile him. (AENT)

The AENT footnote explains the following:

"This chapter showcases one of the greatest discussions of oral versus written Jewish law that exists in these writings of the Renewed Covenant. In many ways this presages the heated exchanges that would be recorded in the Talmud some 200 years later.

"However, a major misunderstanding of this verse found its way into the modern translations with the parenthetical comment "in so doing Y'shua declared all foods clean." Neither Aramaic nor early Greek manuscripts include this in the text, which is clearly an attempt by Gentile or Christian editors to abandon Torah's dietary laws.

"The point being established is that if you plot things like murder, lies, adulteries and so forth, then why be concerned about the food you eat, when weightier things are making you much more unclean than your food? Even if a person kept a perfectly kosher diet, but had such unclean thoughts, such a one would rank among the most unkosher of people. See Luke 11:40."  (End of footnote.)

Now, take a look at this:

ROMANS 14: 14. I know indeed, and am persuaded by Master YHWH (who is) Y'shua, that there is nothing which is unclean in itself; but to him who thinks any thing to be unclean, to him only it is defiled. (AENT)


"The context of this discussion (verse 2) concerns meat versus a vegetarian diet. There is no discussion here about unclean foods according to Torah, because this is already clearly understood by Greek followers of Mashiyach. However, many twist this verse to teach that unclean food was made clean by Paul, which is a lie.

"Paul was joined together with the other Shlichim in Jerusalem when the Ruach haKodesh spoke through Ya'akov HaTsaddiq, and instructed the non-Jewish converts to avoid unclean foods; i.e., foods sacrificed to idols, and blood. Notice also in Acts 15:20-21 that the expectation of the non-Jewish converts was that they would learn Moshe (Torah) as they grew in their relationship with Mashiyach and his people.

"Anything fit to be 'food' is required to be from a 'clean' animal and be properly prepared. The issue is to not question the good intentions of a host who by tacit agreement would have made an effort to drain the blood from the meat, as Torah requires. It was and is considered rude to go into the kitchen of your host, right before a meal, to act as a 'kosher policeman.' If your host erred, it would be he, not you, who transgressed; therefore, don't cause an uproar over this issue during the meal."  (End of footnote.)

Now, check this out:

ACTS 10:10. And he hungered and desired to eat. And while they prepared for him, a stupor fell over him. 11. And he saw heaven being opened and a certain garment being held by four corners. And it resembled a great linen cloth. And it was descending from heaven to earth. 12. And there were in it all creatures of four legs, and creeping things of the earth, and birds of heaven. 13. And a voice came to him that said, "Shimon! Rise up. Slaughter, and eat!"

14. And Shimon said, "(Elohim) forbid, my Master, because I have not ever eaten anything that is defiled and unclean!" 15. And again a second time a voice came to him that (said), "That which Elohim has cleansed, you should not consider defiled!" 16. And this happened three times, and the garment was taken up to heaven. (AENT)


"Gentiles are called to enter into the Malchut (Kingom) Elohim to follow Mashiyach and observe Torah; this is not about the consumption of unclean food. Yeshua casts demons into a herd of swine Matthew 8, Mark 5, Luke 8. Swine meat is unclean, demons are unclean; Y'shua destroys both. Peter never ate unclean animals before or after this vision; followers of Y'shua don't eat unclean foods.

"The Hellenized Christian church endorsed eating unclean foods, because non-Jews have always eaten it as a cultural normative. It is a continuum of pagan culture. Isaiah 66:17-24 clearly prophecies of a rebellious people who dine on swine's flesh, eat mice and choose to defy the Word of YHWH and His Mashiyach.

"Gentiles must not assume that these teachings single them out as unclean; Yehudeans are equally as unclean when choosing to defy YHWH and His Mashiyach (see Haggai 2:14; Ezekiel 44:22; Ezra 9:10-10:1; Isaiah 30:6-12; 65:2, 3; Jeremiah 5:22-31). It is very important to differentiate between that which is Kosher according to YHWH, and religious 'tradition.'

"If unclean food is prohibited for Jewish followers of Yeshua, it is also prohibited for non-Jewish followers; the Kingdom of Elohim is not divided. If unclean food has been proven unhealthy, then it is unhealthy for Jewish and non-Jewish bodies alike; there is One Mashiyach and One Torah."  (End of footnote.)

Following is an excerpt from Carmen Welker's book, "Should Christians be Torah Observant?" which literally sums up this whole issue:

"The passages in Romans are dealing with animals YHWH gave us to eat and whether they are ceremonially clean and can be eaten at that time. Even in Peter's vision (Acts 11), Peter would never have eaten the treif (non-kosher) animals.

"The vision was to show that, as Peter knew which animals were clean and which were not because as God had shown him, thus Peter was to accept the Gentiles as God had now shown him they were "clean", that is 'accepted'.

"The rest of the passage in Acts 11 shows that this is the correct interpretation and what the vision was all about (see Acts 11:18).

"Those who don't know their Bibles very well will argue that, since the death of Jesus, we can eat whatever we want. But, since Malachi 3:6 declares that God does NOT change, why would He have changed his mind about what constitutes 'clean' and 'unclean' foods? Why would the foods listed in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 now be okay to eat?"

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What is the spirit of Elijah?


What is the spirit of Elijah? Does it mean the fervor with which Elijah went about his duty? Or literally his..."essence" coming forth to be among people again? I know the Messiah said John the Baptist was "Elijah", yet, doesn't Revelations speak of it as well?


I'm guessing you are referring to Luke 1:17 "He [the baby who would become John the Baptist] will go out ahead of Adonai in the spirit and power of Eliyahu to turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous, to make ready for Adonai a people prepared.

Eliyahu was the prophet sent by YHWH to the Northern Kingdom of Israel at a time when Israel had largely forsaken YHWH and turned to the worship of idols, under the influence of Israel's king at that time, Ahab (whom the Bible records [1 Kings 16:30] as committing more evil than any of the kings of Israel before him), in concert with his pagan wife Jezebel. Idol worship during his reign was so prevalent that there were only 7,000 people in the entire kingdom of Israel who had not bowed down in worship to Ba'al (1 Kings 19:18).

Eliyahu's prophetic mission was to bring Israel back to the worship of YHWH. He repeatedly warned people to repent of their sin and return to YHWH, and warned them of the judgment of YHWH that awaited them if they did not.

So the "spirit of Eliyahu" would be one who has the same mission and zeal as Eliyahu.

Eliyahu is not mentioned in Revelation though many read Revelation 11 and conclude that the "two witnesses" represent Eliyahu and Enoch or Eliyahu and Moses.

Examining Matthew 12:18–34 a little more closely….

Oh, the Bible (every last verse read in context) is SO FULL of wisdom … wisdom that could only have come from above! Let’s take a look at just this passage in Matthew 12:

Matthew 12: 18. And the Sadducees came to him, those who say that there is no resurrection, and they were asking him and saying, 19. “Teacher, Moshe wrote to us that if a brother dies and leaves a wife, but no sons does he leave behind, he should take his brother’s wife and raise up seed for his brother. (See Deuteronomy 25:5, 6)

20. There were seven brothers, and the first took a wife and died, though he did not leave behind any seed. 21. And the second took her and died though he also did not leave behind any seed. And the third likewise.

22. And all seven of them took her and did not leave behind any seed. The last of all of them also died as did the woman. 23. Therefore, in the resurrection, which one of them will she be a wife of? For all seven of them took her.

24. Y’shua said to them, Isn’t it because of this that you err, that you do not understand the Scriptures nor the power of Elohim. 25. For when they rise from the dead, they do not marry women, nor are women given in marriage to men. Rather, they are like the Messengers who are in heaven.

26. Now concerning the dead who (you say) will not rise, Have you read in the book of Moshe of how from the bush Elohim said to him, “I AM the Elohim of Awraham and the Elohim of Yitz’chak and the Elohim of Ya’akov. 27. And he is not the Elohim of the dead, but of the living. You err greatly, therefore.

28. And one of the scribes drew near and heard them disputing and saw that he answered them the matter well. And he asked, “What is the first Commandment of all of them?” 29. And Y’shua said to him, The first of all the Commandments is “Hear O Israel. Master YHWH our Elohim is one.

30. And you should love Master YHWH your Elohim with all of your heart, and with all of your soul, and with all of your mind, and with all of your strength.” This is the first Commandment. (See Deuteronomy 6:4, 5)

31. And the second that is like it is that. “You should love your neighbor as yourself.” (See Leviticus 19:18) There is no other Commandment greater than these.

NOTE: Some people are so hung up on that “love you neighbor as yourself” mantra, they forget that the FIRST and GREATEST command is to “Love God” – which comes straight from Torah. Take a look:

Deuteronomy 6: 4 "Sh'ma, Yisra'el! ADONAI Eloheinu, ADONAI echad [Hear, Isra'el! ADONAI our God, ADONAI is one]; 5 and you are to love ADONAI your God with all your heart, all your being and all your resources. (CJB)

Deuteronomy 11: 1 "Therefore, you are to love ADONAI your God and always obey his commission, regulations, rulings and mitzvot. (CJB)

(See also Luke 10:27.)

So, to reiterate the importance of Torah, take another look at Matthew 22:36-40, above, to see that verse 40 in NO WAY implies that all of God's original instructions were replaced, nullified or abolished! In fact, verse 40 tells us the Torah and the Prophets HANG/ARE DEPENDENT ON those two commands!

There's more to it than just "loving God and loving your neighbor!" Those who DO the Commandments, are they who love YHWH (Matthew 19:17; 1 John 5:2 and 3). Without love, observance of Torah is vanity, and without Torah one’s “love” is vanity.

In other words, SIN is still sin (sin is “transgression of the Torah – Romans 4:15; 1 John 3:3-6) and God still expects His people to adhere to His Divine Standards for moral, holy living! So, it is important to keep in mind that Torah HANGS on those “two commandments”...


32. That scribe said to him, “Well said Rabbi! You have spoken in truth that he is one and there are no others apart from him. 33. And that a man should love him with all the heart and all the mind and with all the soul and with all the strength, and that he should love his neighbor like himself. This is greater than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.”

34. And Y’shua saw that he answered the matter wisely. He answered and said to him, “You are not far from the Kingdom of Elohim.” And no man again dared to question him! (AENT)

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Beware the Hebrew Roots teachers who insist ALL meats are considered “clean”….

People, be VERY careful about the teachers you choose to follow, because there are plenty of Hebrew Roots teachers who are busy leading many astray with their dangerous, off-the-mark teachings!

Take, for example, the command to abstain from “unclean” meats. Many attempt to use Genesis 9:3 as "proof" that God said ALL meats were considered “food” – but one needs to include this passage in context with what the REST of the Torah states!

Let's take a look at the context:

Genesis 9:1 God blessed Noach and his sons and said to them, “Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. 2 The fear and dread of you will be upon every wild animal, every bird in the air, every creature populating the ground, and all the fish in the sea; they have been handed over to you. 3 Every moving thing that lives will be food for you; just as I gave you green plants before, so now I give you everything — 4 only flesh with its life, which is its blood, you are not to eat. (CJB)

Yes, it certainly SEEMS to suggest ALL meat is edible - and one of these teachers even added the following to help underscore his idea that we ARE allowed to eat pig, shellfish and carnivorous birds! This teacher wrote:

“Some people point to the fact that Noah knew which were the clean animals (see Genesis 7:2 and 8:20) and while this is true, they wrongly conclude that Noah must have kept kosher, which is an assumption and contrary to the biblical texts…. “

Well, to that I say, NOT SO FAST, buddy! Let’s ask ourselves a few questions, shall we?

1. If it’s true that Genesis 9:3 suggests that ALL meats are considered “clean” then why did YHWH knock Himself out to show His people during their 40-year exile in the wilderness why they should NOT eat “unclean” meats? (For instance, Leviticus 11:2-7.)

2. Why was Noah told in Genesis 7:2, “Of every clean animal you are to take seven couples, and of the animals that are NOT clean, one couple”? Surely that meant Noah KNEW the difference between clean and unclean - and if he KNEW what the word "unclean" meant, then surely he would not have been eating "unclean" animals, fish and birds!

3. Why does Leviticus 11:2 (and plenty of other passages well after the time of Noah) specifically tell us that the pig is NOT a "clean" animal, and go into great detail as to WHY it’s not clean?

Take a look:

Leviticus 11:2 "Tell the people of Isra'el, 'These are the living creatures which you may eat among all the land animals: 3 any that has a separate hoof which is completely divided and chews the cud - these animals you may eat. 4-6 But you are not to eat those that only chew the cud or only have a separate hoof. For example, the camel, the coney and the hare are unclean for you, because they chew the cud but don't have a separate hoof; 7 while the pig is unclean for you, because, although it has a separate and completely divided hoof, it doesn't chew the cud. (CJB)

Take a really close look at these verses and ask "What is it about these animals which differentiates them?"

Do you see it? Clean edible animals only eat grasses! They are distinguished by a completely split hoof and chewing the cud! All others eat meat (or junk - the pig for example)! Same goes for carnivorous birds and sea life designed to clean the ocean or river floors....

YHWH/Yahweh was clear from the beginning about what we could and couldn't eat. Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 provide a list of animals that are not to be eaten as food; and included in this list of "unclean" foods are some of man's favorites: pork, shrimp, lobster, crab, catfish, squid, rabbit, squirrel, etc. - things that YHWH is using as "garbage disposals" to clean up the earth!

Some “New Testament” passages, on the other hand, seem to indicate that God changed His mind about "unclean" meats somewhere along the line – but did He? Perhaps we need to ask WHY would He have done such a thing, BEFORE ordering that lobster or pepperoni pizza!

Here's one of those confusing passages:

MARK 7: 18 He replied to them, “So you too are without understanding? Don’t you see that nothing going into a person from outside can make him unclean? 19 For it doesn’t go into his heart but into his stomach, and it passes out into the latrine.” (Thus he declared all foods ritually clean.) (CJB)

NOTE: This chapter showcases one of the greatest discussions of oral versus written Jewish law that exists in these writings of the Renewed Covenant. In many ways this presages the heated exchanges that would be recorded in the Talmud some 200 years later. However, a major misunderstanding of this verse found its way into the modern translations with the parenthetical comment "in so doing Yeshua declared all foods clean."

Neither Aramaic nor early Greek manuscripts include this in the text, which is clearly an attempt by Gentile or Christian editors to abandon Torah's dietary laws. The point being established is that if you plot things like murder, lies, adulteries and so forth, then why be concerned about the food you eat, when weightier things are making you much more unclean than your food?

Even if a person kept a perfectly kosher diet, but had such unclean thoughts, such a one would rank among the most unkosher of people. See Luke 11:40.

If you still have some doubts, please take a look at what Paul wrote here:

2 Corinthians 6:16. Or what agreement has the temple of Elohim with that of demons? For you are the temple of the living Elohim; as it is said, I will dwell among them, and walk among them, and will be their Elohim, and they will be my people. 17. Wherefore, you come out from among them, and be separate from them says Master YHWH; and don't come near the unclean thing, and I will receive you; 18. And will be to you a Father, and you will be sons and daughters to me, says Master YHWH the Almighty. (AENT)

The bottom line is, it would be VERY unwise to eat or justifying eating something unclean if you wish to be a son or daughter of YHWH!

Those who don't know their Bibles very well will argue that, since the death of Jesus, we can eat whatever we want. But, fact is, Jesus didn't die to change the meaning of "clean and unclean" foods or to change His Father's Torah/Divine Instructions in Righteousness in any way; he died to redeem us and remove our PAST sins!

Furthermore, since Malachi 3:6 declares that YHWH does NOT change, why would He have changed his mind about what constitutes "clean" and "unclean" foods? Why would the forbidden foods listed in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 now be okay to eat?

Think you’re not important to God? Think again!

Do you realize that ADONAI chooses whomever He chooses to be His servant in some way?  It doesn't matter whether we're male or female, rich or poor, old or young, black, white, red, brown, red or yellow - HE USES WHOMEVER He WILL!  Halleluyah!

Remember - In Genesis 12, YHWH chose Abram, a pagan Chaldean, to become our first Patriarch!  And, starting in Exodus 2, we see Moshe being prepared to go to Egypt to liberate YHWH's people (he was 80 years old at that point), lead them through the desert wilderness for 40 years and write the entire Torah!

In the days when there was an absence of "good men," YHWH chose a WOMAN to be Judge over all Israel (see the Book of Judges) - which, to me, puts an end to the argument that women need to "be silent" or that they can't teach men.  That's totally bogus!  YHWH chooses whoever He knows can and will meet HIS needs.

He chose Rav Sha'ul (Paul) to become the Apostle to the Gentiles ... Paul, who was a raving anti-missionary and murderer!  (See Acts 9.)

And today, He is choosing some of US to promote His Word.  No matter who we are or what we've done in the past, it simply doesn't matter.  It's who we are NOW in Him that matters - Halleluyah!

Here's are some passages (in random order) and from random sources that prove that it:

Joel 2:28 And afterward, I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. 29 Even on My menservants and maidservants, I will pour out My Spirit in those days.…

Acts 2:17 In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

Isaiah 44:3 For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and currents on the dry ground; I will pour out My Spirit on your descendants, and My blessing on your offspring.

Ezekiel 36:27 And I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes and to carefully observe My ordinances.

Proverbs 1:23 Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.

There are many more passages, but you get the gist:  YHWH uses whomever He wishes, whenever He wishes - so listen to that "small, still voice" and be ready at all times!

Monday, July 27, 2020

The relationship between God, us, and animals

This is one of the several baby rabbits that have come to hang out in our yard on a daily basis.  We LOVE these sweet, little adorable creatures!  This little one, just a few weeks old, doesn’t seem to be afraid of us at all. It just sits perfectly still and watches us move around whenever we’re outside.  May Abba protect it from all harm!

As you probably know, the animals YHWH created, suffered greatly because of MANKIND! The earth was cursed when Adam and Eve sinned, and after that, all the living creatures YHWH had made, began to FEAR man. 

Animals were cursed because of man … but, they are also redeemed because of man's acceptance of YHWH and His Torah, and of the gift of salvation provided by the death and resurrection of Messiah. THEIR fate has always depended on OUR fate....

Genesis 1: 20 God said, "Let the water swarm with swarms of living creatures (nephesh/souls), and let birds fly above the earth in the open dome of the sky." 21 God created the great sea creatures (nephesh) and every living thing that creeps, so that the water swarmed with all kinds of them, and there was every kind of winged bird; and God saw that it was good.

22 Then God blessed them, saying, "Be fruitful, multiply and fill the water of the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth." 23 So there was evening, and there was morning, a fifth day. 24 God said, "Let the earth bring forth each kind of living creature (nephesh) - each kind of livestock, crawling animal and wild beast"; and that is how it was. (CJB)

Genesis 9:2 "And the fear of you and the dread of you is on every beast of the earth, on every bird of the heavens, on all that creeps on the ground, and on all the fish of the sea – into your hand they have been given. (CJB)

Genesis 9:8 God spoke to Noach and his sons with him; he said, 9 “As for me — I am herewith establishing my covenant with you, with your descendants after you, 10 and with every living creature that is with you — the birds, the livestock and every wild animal with you, all going out of the ark, every animal on earth.

11 I will establish my covenant with you that never again will all living beings be destroyed by the waters of a flood, and there will never again be a flood to destroy the earth.” 12 God added, “Here is the sign of the covenant I am making between myself and you and every living creature with you, for all generations to come: 13 I am putting my rainbow in the cloud — it will be there as a sign of the covenant between myself and the earth.

14 Whenever I bring clouds over the earth, and the rainbow is seen in the cloud; 15 I will remember my covenant which is between myself and you and every living creature of any kind; and the water will never again become a flood to destroy all living beings.

16 The rainbow will be in the cloud; so that when I look at it, I will remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of any kind on the earth.”  17 God said to Noach, “This is the sign of the covenant which I have established between myself and every living creature on the earth.” (CJB)

When “the end” finally comes for the “old earth” and the Redeemed get to live in Eternity with YHWH in the NEW Heavens and earth (Revelation 21), ALL the animals will PRAISE Him.  We will be ALL be worshiping YHWH together!

Revelation 5:13 And I heard every creature in heaven, on earth, under the earth and on the sea - yes, everything in them - saying, "To the One sitting on the throne and to the Lamb belong praise, honor, glory and power forever and ever!" 14 The four living beings said, "Amen!" and the elders fell down and worshiped. (CJB)

For more on the relationship between God and animals, please see our article, Do animals go to Heaven?”

Saturday, July 25, 2020

A demon-possessed man recognized Yeshua …

Here’s a story full of irony – about a demon-possessed man, along with his myriad demons, who recognized Yeshua! One has to wonder how that can be, when many men who possess myriad scriptures are unable to do the same….

MARK 5: 1. And he (Yeshua) came to the other side of the sea, to the region of the Gadarenes. 2. And when he went out from the boat, a man who had an unclean spirit happened upon him from the cemetery. 3. And he was dwelling in the cemetery. And no man was able to bind him with chains, because whenever he was bound with fetters and chains, he would break the chains and he would cut the fetters and no man was able to subdue him.

5. Always during the night and during the day he was in the cemetery and in the mountains and he would cry out and cut himself with rocks. And when he saw Y’shua from afar, he ran and worshipped him.

7. And he cried out with a loud voice and said, “What have I to do with you, Y’shua the Son of The Most High Elohim? I adjure you by Elohim that you not torment me. 8. For he was saying to him, Unclean spirit come out from the man. 9. And he asked him, What is your name? He said to him, “Legion is our name, because we are many.” 10. And he entreated him greatly not to send him out of the country.

11. Now there was a large herd of pigs that were feeding near the mountain. 12. And those demons were entreating him and saying, “Send us upon those pigs that we might attack them.” 13. And he permitted them, and those unclean spirits departed and attacked the pigs. And that herd ran to a steep place and fell into the sea, and about two thousand were drowned in the water.

14. And those who were tending them fled and reported it in the city and also in the villages. And they came out to see what had happened. 15. And they came to Y’shua, and they saw the one possessed of demons dressed and sober and sitting - him in whom Legion had been, and they were afraid. 16. Those who had seen related to them how it happened to the one possessed of the demons and also about those pigs. 17. And they began entreating him to depart from their border.

18. And when he went up into a boat, he who was possessed of the demons was entreating him that he might remain with him. 19. But he did not allow him, rather he said to him, Go to your house to your people and relate to them what Master YHWH did for you and how he had mercy on you. 20. And he departed and began to preach in the ten cities what Y’shua had done for him. And all of them were amazed. (AENT)

So, to reiterate – how is it that a demon-possessed man, along with his myriad demons, were able to recognize Yeshua; while so many who possess the pearls of myriad scriptures are unable to do the same?

The answer is: ADONAI blinds the eyes of those who refuse to see! (Isaiah 44:18; John 12:40; 2 Corinthians 4:4)

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Did you know gossip is a sin?

We've all seen it - the endless gossiping and tearing down of others (especially our country's leaders) being perpetrated here on Facebook ... It's truly out of control, with many actually making up things with which to fortify their "tall tales" designed to impress and get people to post on their respective walls

No one seems to know or care that, according to Torah, gossip is a sin.

The Hebrew term for gossip is "lashon hara" which means "evil tongue." One is guilty of lashon hara if they reveal secrets and go about as talebearers or engage in scandal-mongering. A gossiper is a person who has privileged information about people and proceeds to reveal that information to those who have no business knowing it.

"Gossip" is different from just "sharing information" in two ways:

  1. Intent. Gossipers often have the goal of building themselves up by making others look bad and exalting themselves as some kind of repositories of knowledge.
  2. The type of information shared. Gossipers speak of the faults and failings of others, or reveal potentially embarrassing or shameful details regarding the lives of others without their knowledge or approval. Even if they mean no harm, it is still gossip.

In the book of Romans, Rav Sha'ul (Paul) reveals the sinful nature and lawlessness of mankind, stating how YHWH poured out His wrath on those who rejected His Torah. Because they had turned away from God's instruction and guidance, He gave them over to their sinful natures.

The list of sins includes gossips and slanderers. We see from this passage how serious the sin of gossip is and that it characterizes those who are under God’s wrath. Anyone can engage in lashon hara simply by repeating something heard in confidence. The book of Proverbs contains a long list of verses that cover the dangers of gossip and the potential resulting pain it causes.

"A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue. A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret." (Proverbs 11:12-13).

Many friendships have been ruined over a misunderstanding that started with gossip. Those who engage in this behavior do nothing but stir up trouble and cause anger, bitterness, and pain among friends. Scripture tells us "a perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends." (Proverbs 16:28).

Some seem to thrive on lashon hara and look for opportunities to destroy others. And when such people are confronted, they deny the allegations and answer with excuses and rationalizations.

Rather than admit wrongdoing, they blame someone else or attempt to minimize the seriousness of their sin.

"A fool's mouth is his undoing, and his lips are a snare to his soul. The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a man's inmost parts" (Proverbs 18:7-8).

YHWH actually destroyed the earth once because He saw that man was wicked:

Genesis 6: 5 ADONAI saw that the people on earth were very wicked, that all the imaginings of their hearts were always of evil only. 6 ADONAI regretted that he had made humankind on the earth; it grieved his heart.

7 ADONAI said, "I will wipe out humankind, whom I have created, from the whole earth; and not only human beings, but animals, creeping things and birds in the air; for I regret that I ever made them."

Luckily for us, Noah found grace in His eyes (Genesis 6:8) and was permitted to continue the human race! Unfortunately, "fallen" man eventually gave into his sinful nature again...and has continued through to this point in time to disappoint God who - make no mistake! - will expect to hear an account of ALL our words and deeds on Judgment Day (Matthew 12:36)!

Today, it seems that we are just as bad (or worse) than people were "in the days of Noah" or in Lot's time, when YHWH destroyed Sodom and Gemorrah.....

And, the sad fact is, supposed BELIEVERS are contributing to this dilemma! Many half-hearted Believers (the hypocrites who espouse Scripture from one side of their mouth while spewing evil out the other) are actually HELPING to bring in the "end times" outlined in the Books of Daniel and Revelation!

Y'shua taught: "For every tree is known by its fruit. For they do not gather thorns from figs nor do they gather grapes from a thorn bush. From a good man the treasures that are in his good heart brings forth good things, and an evil man the evil treasures that are in his heart brings forth evil things. For the abundance of the heart speak the lips." (Luke 6:44, 45).

For the sake of our eternal souls, we must learn to guard our tongues and refrain from the sinful act of lashon hara because it constitutes willful and deliberate sinning, for which there is no sin sacrifice! Those who guard their tongues keep themselves from calamity (Proverbs 21:23).

Ezekiel 18: 20 The soul that sins, it shall die.

Deuteronomy 31: 20 For when I have brought them into the land I swore to their ancestors, flowing with milk and honey; and they have eaten their fill, grown fat and turned to other gods, serving them and despising me, and broken my covenant; 21 then, after many calamities and troubles have come upon them, this song will testify before them as a witness, because their descendants will still be reciting it and will not have forgotten it. For I know how they think even now, even before I have brought them into the land about which I swore. (CJB)

It is IMPERATIVE to remember that you are NOT pleasing YHWH, by constantly going against His Torah (i.e., via endless "tale bearing" etc.). You cannot be "set apart"/holy if you're ignoring HIS Divine Rules! By continuing to do so, you are risking your eternal life, as there will be no "half-hearted" in Eternity.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The meaning of “their worm will never die” in Isaiah 66…


Isiah 66, verse 23-24 can you help me understand verse 24 please?  Verse 23 I can understand, but 24 sounds how can I put it, " scary, creepy, nauseating " it reads -- after worshiping ADONAI , as they leave, they will look on the corpses of the people who rebelled against me, for their worm will never die, and their fire will never be quenched; but they will be abhorrent to all humanity.


it's a little hard to follow but the reference in Isaiah 66 is to the "Valley of Hinnom", or "Gehenna" a place on the outside of Jerusalem used as a garbage dump where bodies were disposed of (2 Kings 23:10, Jeremiah 7:31-33).

So the imagery in the verse is of the most vile place in Jerusalem, where the bodies of the discarded rot and an analogy is made to a "worm" or grub or maggot that is forever consuming the corpse. The verse is thus describing hell, where the torment can be expected to last forever.

Yeshua makes mention of this same verse from Isaiah in Mark 9:45-48 when he says: "It is better for you to enter into life lame than though you have two feet to fall into Gehenna, where their worm does not die and their fire does not go out. And if your eye offends you, pluck it out! It is better for you that with one eye you enter into the Kingdom of Elohim than though you have two eyes to fall into the Gehenna of fire, where their worm does not die and their fire does not go out." Here Yeshua is literally saying it is better that you remove a body part which causes you to sin than to spend your eternity in Hell. This same message is repeated in Matthew 5:29-30.

This reference to a place known to the people drives home the horror that awaits those who (as stated in Isaiah, "rebelled against me") are sent to hell. Thus, Bible scholars see these verses in Isaiah and Matthew and Mark as referring to man's consciousness as a "worm". Those deposed to hell, being completely cut off from YHWH, exist continually with a nagging, guilty conscience that, like a persistent worm, gnaws away at its victim with a remorse that can never be mitigated.

Reasons why we DO have “free will”

Many insist we don’t have “free will” and that God controls our entire life.  Here are some reasons as  to why that idea is bogus:

The Aramaic says the following (and I've included the sentence AFTER verse 13 because it SHOWS that we have "free will" as we are being exhorted to BE HOLY for YHWH....

Philippians 2:13. For Elohim is operating in you, both to purpose and also to perform that which you desire. 14. Do all things without arguing and without conflict; 15. that you may be perfect and without blemish, as the sincere children of Elohim who are resident in a perverse and crooked generation; and that you may appear among them as shining lights in the world; 16. so that you may be to them in place of life, for my glory in the day of the Mashiyach that I may not have run in vain or worked for nothing, (AENT)

Furthermore, if "free will" was a hoax, then WHY did Adam and Eve get the CHOICE to mess up and end up out of the Garden?

Why, throughout the entire Torah, do we see YHWH constantly SHOWING people how to be holy, set apart, reconciled to Him through OBEDIENCE ... even punishing them for deliberately breaking Shabbat, etc. if they didn't have the FREE WILL to DISOBEY?

If we had NO free will, we would ALL be living happily forever in the Garden of Eden, because He would never have allowed us to sin....

One last example:

When we go to a restaurant (back in the days before this Covid plague when we could do so) we had the FREE WILL to eat pork or shellfish if we wished.  We could have said, "But I love crab legs, so God will understand"; or we could have said, "I choose to obey God who told me pork and crab are unclean".

For those of us who love ADONAI, we derive great joy in CHOOSING to obey Him, for we know that an unclean person cannot be in His presence.

Don’t worry about “who” you were before the Ruach opened your spiritual eyes….

Remember “who you were” and how you behaved back in “those” days, and how you wish you could go back an change it all?

Well, I feel the same way - ashamed of the things I did when I was “in the world” and "carnal", completely Torah-less, even though I thought I was a moral person.

The thing is, we can’t sit around beating ourselves up over who we “used to be,” because we didn't know any better! We thought we were simply "being real". We were simply behaving like every one else.

But NOW we know better, for YHWH chose to set us apart. Halleluyah! So, stop fretting about things you can’t change, and change what you can NOW.

Remember Lot's wife in Genesis 19, who "looked back" at her “old home and life” and was, consequently, turned into a pillar of salt?

Certainly, don’t forget “who” you once were, but don’t “look back!” Pity that poor, unsaved person who was once you, and let go by simply "looking ahead" and living the life ADONAI meant for you to live!

Here’s one example:

Luke 9: 57. And while they were going on the road, a man said to him, "I will come after you to the place that you go my Master. 58. Y'shua said to him, Foxes have holes and birds of heaven a home, but the Son of man has no where to lay his head. 59. And he said to another, Come after me. And he said to him, "My Master allow me first to go and bury my father.

60. Y'shua said to him, Leave the dead to bury their dead, and you go and declare the Kingdom of Elohim. 61. Another said to him, "I will come after you my Master but first allow me to go and reassure my household and I will come.

62. Y'shua said to him, No man places his hand upon the handle of a plough and looks backwards and is useful to the Kingdom of Elohim. (AENT)

NOTE: "Let the dead bury their dead" basically means to let the spiritually dead take care of burying the physically dead. But right now, in this point and time I need you to "go and proclaim the Kingdom of Elohim."

By making such a statement, Yeshua wasn;t being mean; he was trying to help the young man realize the supreme importance of the Kingdom. Yeshua might even have known this young man to be a younger son, and if his father is dead other family members will assume the burial duties.

Bottom line:

Worry not about the past that cannot be changed, and simply concentrate on your future with YHWH/Yeshua/Torah!

Never argue with an idiot….

Most of you have probably heard the saying, “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

Well, the Bible tells us the same thing:

Proverbs 26: Don’t answer a fool in terms of his folly, or you will be descending to his level; 5 but answer a fool as his folly deserves, so that he won’t think he is wise. (CJB)

Proverbs 1:7 The fear of ADONAI is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. (CJB)

Proverbs 12: 15 Fools suppose their way is straight, but the wise pay attention to advice. (CJB)

Proverbs 18:2 A fool takes no pleasure in trying to understand; he only wants to express his own opinion. (CJB)

2 Timothy 2:14 Keep reminding people of this, and charge them solemnly before our Master (Y'shua) not to engage in word-battles. They accomplish nothing useful and are a catastrophe for the hearers! (AENT)

Thinking of rejecting Yeshua and the New Testament?

Thinking of rejecting Yeshua and the New Testament because you've found a nest of Yeshua-rejecters on Facebook who insist that "Noahide Judaism" is the "true way" to get to Heaven?

If so, please know you are making the biggest mistake of your life - one that WILL cause you your salvation! If you want to know why those "counter-missionary Noahides" and other Yeshua-rejecters are dead wrong, please check out all the articles on our website that counter HUNDREDS of their assertions!

Don't be led into the depths of Hell without at least knowing WHY you're headed there!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Don’t just “pray for” someone; help them back onto the path!

It's biblical to "pray for people" you know are weaker in the faith or who are even outright sinning.  But don't forget that Scripture also commands us to confront those people - TALK to them so they can know what they're doing wrong and why they need to make a correction in their thinking or behavior.

Way too many tend to take Scripture passages out of context via their "Greek" mindsets, and are under the erroneous assumption that we shouldn't "judge others."  Well, correcting a brother or sister according to TORAH is NOT "judging!"  Torah says to DO something so that their blood won't be on YOUR hands!  (Some pertinent scriptures below.)

I can't tell you how often I've been warned to "just pray" and "leave it up to God, because only He can change someone's heart."

While it's true, His Word ALSO tells us to get off our duffs and DO something!  I mean, if someone is getting ready to walk off a cliff, are you going to yell "STOP!" or are you going to get down on your knees to ask God to keep them safe?

If your toddler is getting ready to walk out into the traffic, are you going to yell loudly and jerk him back from the road - or are you going to sit back and pray for him?

The truth is, you can pray AFTERWARD, after you've done something to help that person back onto the path.

Ezekiel 3:17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel. Whenever you hear a word from My mouth, give them a warning from Me. 18 If I say to the wicked man, ‘You will surely die,’ but you do not warn him or speak out to warn him from his wicked way to save his life, that wicked man will die in his iniquity, and I will hold you responsible for his blood. 19 But if you warn a wicked man and he does not turn from his wickedness and his wicked way, he will die in his iniquity, but you will have saved yourself.…

Galatians 6:1 Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

1 Timothy 5:20 As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear.

Titus 1:  13. And this testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply that they may be sound in the faith  14. and may not throw themselves into Jewish fables and into the precepts of men who hate the Truth.  15. For to the pure, everything is pure; but to them who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure; but their understanding is defiled, and their conscience.  16 And they profess that they know Elohim, but in their works they deny him; and they are odious and disobedient and to every good work reprobates.