Friday, December 4, 2020

COVID-19 is reminiscent of the AIDS/HIV epidemic…

The handling of the COVID-19 pandemic reminds me so much of the efforts to control the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the early-to mid-Eighties.

Why? Because, back then (much like today) the media reported how the medical community was working frantically to produce a vaccine.


Nobody was talking about how HIV/AIDS could be controlled and even caused to completely die out, by simply changing our promiscuous lifestyles! Oh no, no, no! Let's invent a vaccine to HELP US CONTINUE doing the very thing that was CAUSING the virus. No need to change our decadent lifestyles when "somebody out there will surely come up with a vaccine."

Well, guess what happened - we STILL haven't beaten AIDS/HIV! It's still around! But hey, shhhh! Don't tell anyone it's because of their promiscuous lifestyle... Let's just try to come up with even MORE vaccines. (NOBODY figured out that maybe GOD was sending the world a message.)

Same thing is happening with the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of early on, using some common sense and letting Americans know the gravity of this situation, and assuring them we COULD put a stop to this evil thing by simply sucking it up and complying with the "mask" and "social distancing" rules (which may have already rid us of this pest!), everyone from the highest echelons of government on down, has been downplaying, hem-hawing, and providing contradictory statements (including our President), while demanding a vaccine.

As things stand right now, we've been promised that vaccines are on the way NOW. (BUT, oh, yeah, wouldn't ya know it? - the media ALSO informed us tonight that hackers are busy interfering with the distribution of those vaccines ...right while we're facing a HUGE coming crisis - because approximately 50 million chose to expose themselves to the virus by traveling across the US over the Thanksgiving holiday....)

So, people .... as of today, we have one American dying from COVID-19 EVERY THIRTY SECONDS! (How's THAT grab ya, you anti-maskers and anti-social distancers? We have YOU to thank for this, you know?)

I'm not kidding when I say, this is going to get really ugly BEFORE it gets better! I don't think people will realize how serious this is, until people are dying in the streets because the hospitals are overflowing....

(And, like with AIDS, hardly anyone realizes that GOD is trying to tell us something. AGAIN!)

In the words of a song by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson: "It's all going to pot, whether we like or not. Best I can tell, the world is going to hell, and we're sure gonna miss it a lot.

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