Wednesday, December 30, 2020

New COVID strain now in the USA….

So, the first known case of the new COVID strain is in the US, and the young man (in his 20’s) has no apparent “travel history.” The media didn’t mention it, but this means, that young man picked the virus up from contact with someone.

The virus didn’t just find its way to Colorado and break into this guy’s house to slap him upside the head while he was minding his own business playing video games….

This means, soon we’ll hear about an epidemic of this new strain … because whoever brought it INTO the United States has surely had tons of contact by now (including with everyone on the plane) … who have had contact with myriad others.

Folks, this whole thing could probably have already been remedied, and the virus eliminated from the entire world IF people had only kept their butts at home, except for grocery shopping or medical needs.

But noooo – they “have rights” ….

With all the Christmas and New Year’s holiday travelers ignoring all the pleas and warning, I’m pretty sure that 2021 will see myriads receiving their “last rites” as many hospitals across the US are now bursting at the seams and medical personnel are stretched to the limits.

But hey, not to worry! We’ve got a vaccine now. We can continue to stick our heads in the sand and remain uncooperative as we exercise our “right” to shirk common sense, personal responsibility and our CIVIC DUTIES!

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