Saturday, December 8, 2018

Let us examine and test our ways and return to ADONAI

A friend of mine asked the question: “Have you ever noticed that people won’t take the time to read their Bible, or study or look up information; BUT they will take a 15 minute quiz to find out what kind of potato they are?”

Truer words were never spoken! It's SO disheartening to see so many seeking "religion" and "religiosity" and trying to find God everywhere EXCEPT in the Bible. Every day I meet people on Facebook who are new or still fairly new to the Torah faith, whose posts reflect a mixture of good and bad teachings and memes copied from a wide variety of weird and/or self-proclaimed teachers who clearly have their own thing going and are busy leading people completely away from the Word.

No wonder so many people have absolutely NO discernment when it comes to Scripture! I believe the reason they don’t is because, rather than to GET INTO Scripture for themselves, they’re blindly swallowing articles and videos by a random selection of people, and just generally grazing Facebook for cool memes to copy and forward – and then THAT, in turn, constitutes what they know about God and the Bible.

How very sad!

If my words in the least bit tweaked someone’s conscience, I would ask that you search your heart and decide to stop grazing around so much, and finally get serious about the Word.

“Let us examine and test our ways and return to ADONAI.” (Lamentations 3:40)

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