Sunday, December 9, 2018

Do we really need to label everything "pagan"?

Lately, everyone seems to be throwing around the word "paganism".... But - do we really need to label everything "pagan"?

It's true that both Christmas and Easter are steeped in paganism while at the same time, masquerading as religious holy days. Many who find their way to Torah immediately begin preaching that EVERYTHING is pagan. Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day - you name it. The holier-than-thou Hebrew Roots types even insist "folding your hands in prayer" is pagan, and that your kids' birthday celebrations are pagan.

I got into a huge argument with some Facebookian once who tried to push down my throat the fact that the days of the week and Gregorian calendar months are pagan. Well, golly-gee, that happens to be what our world has adopted, and nobody is worshiping any strange gods by making a doctor’s appointment for Wednesday, the third of January, 2019! I dared him to try to use his silly argument on his doctor’s office by requesting an appointment at “the sixth hour of Yom Revi’I or “the third day” of Adar, 5779, or whatever! Good luck with that, buddy!

The thing is, if you think about it, EVERYTHING we do in life that isn't mentioned in Scripture as "good" can be considered as "pagan." But where do we draw the line? Should we all just hole up in our homes and never come out for fear that we might accidentally participate in paganism?

Life was meant to be LIVED! If you know YHWH/Yeshua/Torah, then you should be discerning enough to recognize the difference between "good and bad" and whether or not something today is "pagan". For instance, you should know NOT to attend a Hexenbrut (witch dance); or attend a "Rap" concert where you already know in advance that it's all about rebellion and hatred using the most foul and demeaning language possible.

If you truly KNOW Scripture, then you should be discerning enough to know that YHWH wants you to obey HIS Divine Rules and celebrate the Feasts HE commanded, and to live by HIS Rules (His Torah) to the best of your understanding.

But that doesn't mean you can't do ANYTHING anymore except sit around and pray all day and quote Scripture and speak in King James English. We live in a world that was meant to be enjoyed, so go watch a movie or take your kids to baseball game, or whatever. And yes, celebrate their birthdays, using some common sense (i.e., don't go into debt to do it, because that definitely goes against Torah). There's nothing wrong with celebrating the fact that YHWH gave you and your children life. After all, our “birth days” ARE all about HIM!

So, back to the idea of Christmas. Do you think you'll go to hell if a neighbor asks you to come over and join his family in their Christmas dinner? NO! Be a good neighbor and simply accept the invitation (or not, your choice); and if the conversation somehow comes around to them asking you why you don't have a Christmas tree in your house, simply explain that you only do the BIBLICAL Feasts – you don’t have to demean their celebration.

At least that way, you've sown a seed instead of turning them off by screaming, "Well, I don't celebrate Christmas because it's PAGAN!" All that does is to make them mad, turn them off, and cause them to think you're a lunatic.

After that, it's THEIR choice as to whether to investigate further the things YOU believe... If they don't, oh well. It ain't your problem. If they do ask more questions of you, chances are, they'll think you're crazy for "putting yourself back under the law" ... and that's okay. It's their choice as to whether they want to keep you as a friend once they know you're Torah observant. As you know, actually obeying God's Rules is NOT a popular thing to do in this lost world. MOST refuse to take that narrow gate that leads to life (Matthew 7:13-14) and they’ll pound you to death for your choice to obey….

The bottom line is, Hebrew Rooters are way too quick to become arrogant and are constantly yelling and screaming and "looking down" on everyone else. That is NOT how YHWH wants us to treat people. We cannot show them the beauty of Torah life if all we ever do is yell at them.

It took me 44 years to even become a Believer BECAUSE of the hyper religious types who were constantly shoving down my throat that I was going to hell if I didn't "believe in Jesus!" In my mind, WHY would I believe in someone who RAPED me into believing in him by threatening me with hell?

Well, the Hebrew Roots is doing basically the same thing by finding paganism under every rock and trying to force the world into compliance with Torah. It doesn't work that way!

YHWH doesn't work that way, either. He has presented His Word and we have the choice to take it or leave it. In the end, anyone who rejected it will discover what a HUGE mistake they made. But it's not up to us to FORCE them to see. They CAN'T see if their spiritual eyes haven't been opened....

In closing, if you’re interested, I’ve written an article about how to deal with relatives at Christmas time.

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  1. I don’t celebrate Christmas because I know that Yeshu was not born on Dec
    My mom forced me to decorated Christmas tree

    Am I a sinner
    It’s like I’m against Jesus
    There is a verses that Yeshu said
    Depart from me I don’t know you
    And sometimes I felt bad


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