Friday, December 29, 2017

The “source of love and light?”

Comment from another Facebook "expert" (another former Hebrew Roots type) who is busy deceiving the gullible with the illustrious "research and studies" they have done:

"I do not believe the Annunakki (known as the Elohim) are the Creators of All Things...they are CREATIONS that came to our planet and manipulated our DNA! I know that sounds ridiculous...but no more ridiculous than talking serpents and people being swallowed by fish and surviving to tell about it...the truth is stranger than fiction...I do not serve the Annunakki...they may have "created" my shell, but they did not create my world comes from the Creator of All Things...the Source of Love and Light..."

Every sentence this person posted is total nonsense and New Age GARBAGE!  Folks, this is how religions start!  Be VERY careful!  The Bible tells us all we need to know about God and His Word. “Reading into” or “researching” extra-biblical sources to find your way to God, will only lead to chaos and confusion, and nonsense such as the above!

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