Friday, December 1, 2017

Live feed showing Rabid anti-Semitism against the Jews

These anti-Semites in this live video fee who  protesting "the Jews” are completely IGNORANT of Scripture, but yet they're out there "protesting"... LOST, PATHETIC Bible illiterates! Perhaps they would do well to READ the Bible for a change?

"White Supremacists" like to justify their hatred of the Jews because "the Jews killed Jesus." Perhaps they need to ask themselves: Who nailed Him to the cross? It was the Romans! Why was He nailed to the cross? Because He offered Himself up as the FINAL SIN SACRIFICE for all sinners! Why did He agree die? For the SIN OF ALL! If Yeshua hadn't done this, then we would ALL be headed for hell - including the "White Supremacists" who wouldn't even have a "Jesus" if it weren't for "the Jews"....

Let's always remember that Yeshua HAD to die to offer eternal life to the believers of this world. Let's remember that if God hadn't scattered the Jews, then nobody on earth, except tiny Israel would ever have known about YHWH, our Creator! There certainly wouldn't be any "Christians" because - had they never heard of YHWH - they never would have heard about His Son Yeshua who came to die in exchange for our sins!

Let's always remember that God gave us a new (or rather, "renewed" covenant; NOT a new Torah! Covenants can change; YHWH's laws do not!

Let's also remember that the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is the unfolding of YHWH's "Big Picture". HE is God; WE are His Creation. He tells us what to do; our job is to obey. When we obey, we reap God's blessings. When we disobey, we end up with only our big toes dipped in God's "swimming pool" and staying on the sidelines while the TRUE believers who have immersed themselves with Truth are being used to further His ultimate agenda - which is to usher in His Kingdom.

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