Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Sabbath revolves around the equinox?


There is someone from the page "The mountain of Yahuah claiming the Sabbath revolves around the equinox. Quote: "There is a Lunar Calendar that is with us today it is called ‘The Creator’s Calendar.' It begins the year with the full moon sighted in the Virgo Constellation. and then each Month begins with a full Moon taking the next day. And the Weekly Sabbaths for every Month of the 12 months is the 8th, the 15th, the 22nd and 29th each Month and there may also be a thirteenth Month.”

When I asked for proof I get either a "red herring" "circular reasoning" or I should "ead the New Testament!"

Here is the meme she posted: "For this current Year, until the next Vernal Equinox, YAHUAH's Weekly Sabbath is every Thursday."


Honestly, this is a new one! I've heard of a "Creator's Calendar" which demanded the Sabbaths always be on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of the month, but they always relied on the month beginning at the new moon defined by the "dark moon" (conjunction), not by the "full moon"!
So whose "The Creator's Calendar" is this one? I'm going to assume it is because they mysteriously start their month the day after the FULL moon.

The counterarguments:

1. This person says "There is a Lunar Calendar that is with us today it is called 'The Creators Calendar' ".

Rebuttal: Says who? There are NO, repeat, NO, ancient documents referring to this so called "The Creators Calendar", so I defy anyone making that claim to PROVE any such Lunar Calendar relying on the Full Moon existed at any time in history except now since the INTERNET came into existence.

2. The claim is: "It begins the year with the full moon sighted in the Virgo Constellation. and then each Month begins with a full Moon taking the next day."

Rebuttal: I demand a sound scriptural citation that defines the year begins "with the full moon sighted in the Virgo Constellation"! Even accounting for precession over the centuries which means the sun, at the equinoxes, slowly changes which constellation marks the equinoxes. Please give me a scripture which says the year begins with the FULL MOON in ANY constellation!

The year has NOTHING to do with the moon! If we had no moon, we would still have a year! The sun determines the year, not the moon!

And, unlike the day of lunar conjunction, the day of the full moon is very hard to determine by observation! Sure, today, we know the exact day and time of the full moon, but by observation alone, as they would have to do in ancient times, this information was not directly observable and was therefore not known! You cannot rely on simply looking at the "apparent" full moon as it rises in the east near the time of sunset!

That is NOT good enough to reveal the day when the moon actually passed through the full phase! The best you can do is assess when the day and time of full moon was, after it happened!
In fact, there are only 4 logical times of the year when the "year" can begin, and they are ALL determined by the sun and NOT by the moon. It's too much to describe here, but of those 4 logical times, only two are directly observable - the Vernal and Autumnal equinoxes. The moon has nothing to do with it.

3. "And the Weekly Sabbaths for every Month of the 12 months is the 8th, the 15th, the 22nd and 29th each Month and there may also be a thirteenth Month."


So this would mean that the 1st day of the "new month" is the day of (or day after?) the full moon, and the 15th of the month then would always be the day of (or day after) conjunction?!! Good luck with that! This silly calendar suffers the same problem of all "lunar Sabbath" calendars which is what to do with the days (not counted as "days") are needed at the END of the month till the new month begins!

Since the average month by the moon is 29.53 days, this calendar (as with all "lunar Sabbath" calendars) must make "magic days" at the end of the "month" which are not counted as "days" while they wait, in this case, for the "full moon". This calendar is complete bunk!

What these people don't understand is that the weekly Sabbath is declared in Scripture as its own moed with YHWH as established in Leviticus 23:3. The weekly Sabbath is established completely independent of the other, annual moed. This is clarified in Leviticus 23:37-38. What these people also don't understand is that the weekly Sabbath is the continual counting of 7 days and it is unrelated to the moon or the sun!


  1. How can she reference the constellation Virgo and it's full moon which is in September or autumn, and then say "until the next vernal equinox" which is spring, all Shabbaths will be on Thursday. Which is it virgo-autumn or vernal-spring?

  2. I believe the person making the comment does not understand the calendar to which she is referring because in that convoluted calendar, the weekly Sabbath is NOT "every Thursday", as she claims, for this calendar literally changes, every month, which day of the week is the Sabbath for that month! And the "1st" of the month is not a "day" at all in the continuous 7-day count to each of their weekly Sabbaths, and some months the "30th" day of the month AND the "1st" day of the next month are not counted "days" either! But, I digress....

    To answer your question specifically, note they are addressing the FULL moon as their "new moon", which is seen in the EAST, not the "new moon" we know, which is seen in the WEST. So what they are saying is that (in our time) when the SUN is in the constellation Pisces (where it is in March each year), the FULL moon will be seen in Virgo. So what they do, instead of establishing the month of Nisan so the new moon (using the common definition) falls so Passover will occur on or after the Vernal Equinox, they watch instead for the FULL MOON, (which at that same time of the year will be in Virgo, and they insist that the month of Nisan does not "begin" until the FULL MOON is at the "feet of Virgo".

    Clearly, what these people don't understand is that thousands of years ago, the full moon of Nisan would NOT have been in Virgo, because the sun, in ancient times, in Nisan was in Aires! That puts the full moon of Nisan in Libra! What part of the constellation Libra would these people say "marks" the place where the full moon should be?

    It literally blows one's mind how they justify this! The full moon is clearly, CLEARLY not "NEW"! The full moon is CLEARLY the halfway point of the moon's month, and thus it should mark the half-way mark of a calendar. But, if you spend any time reading the nonsense of these people, it quickly becomes clear they interpret MANY scriptures wildly differently than the scripture actually says!

  3. Thank you Liam.I know some of these people. I walked away from them at least 7-8 years ago. They make no sense at all, and they make it very difficult for their employers. Not to mention making non believers think all believers are nuts. They balk when you remind them that Elohim is NOT the God of confusion. They get pretty nasty as well. I quickly realized I needed to shake the sand off my feet...
    Funny thing is my good friend and I both read this and independently thought it sounded very much like a woman we used to know. If true, that tells us she has not made any progress in her walk and all we can do is hold her in prayer.
    Again, thank you, I mistakenly thought she was speaking only of the moons of both months. Now I see
    her thinking. Reminds me of the 70's song Ball of Confusion.


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