Wednesday, December 20, 2017

If you reject Y’shua, you are blaspheming the Ruach!

Those who publicly reject Y'shua are hosed. Why? Because by publicly doing so, they have blasphemed the Ruach (Holy Spirit), which is the only UNforgivable sin! (Mark 3:28-29; Matthew 12:31-32)

The Ruach persuades and enables mankind to accept YHWH and His Torah and the Mercy and Grace He has displayed toward His Creation, which includes the sending of His Divine Son, Messiah Y'shua, who martyred himself on our behalf. (John 16:8; 1 Corinthians 2:12-14; Acts 7:51, etc)

By rejecting Y'shua as Messiah - YHWH's Representative on earth - you have, in essence, rejected YHWH and His Ruach!

Mark 3:28. Truly I say to you, that all sins and blasphemies that the sons of man will blaspheme will be forgiven them. 29. But he who blasphemes against the Ruach haKodesh has no forgiveness ever, rather he is guilty before the eternal judgment. (AENT)

Matthew 12:30. Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever did not gather with me, scatters.[1] 31. Because of this I say to you that all sins and blasphemies will be forgiven to the sons of men, but blasphemy that is against the Spirit will not be forgiven to the sons of men. 32. And anyone who says a word against the Son of man, he will be forgiven, But anyone who will speak against the Ruach haKodesh,[2] he will not be forgiven – not in this world or in the world that is to come. (AENT)


[1] YHWH is the One True Universal Authority who chose to be represented by His Mashiyach. But man wars against Y’shua and one another to establish his own authority. Dividing and scattering, fallen man inadvertently follows the pattern of haSatan, the adversary.

[2] If a person committed one of the capital offenses that are mentioned in Torah, but confessed and pleaded for forgiveness, their death could provide atonement. But those who blaspheme against the Spirit of YHWH have nothing to make atonement for themselves, nor can they make an appeal in the name of Y’shua; see also Acts 5:1-11; Hebrews 10:28-30.

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