Friday, December 8, 2017

Don’t be too angry with the Pope about “The Lord’s Prayer”

Don’t get too upset at the Pope who apparently wants to change “The Lord’s prayer” :

While the Pope definitely does NOT have the right to “change” Scripture”; he is actually correct in that God doesn't "lead” anyone into temptation. Satan does that! Since YHWH gave mankind “free will,” we are free to “fall into temptation” or even to pursue it, which many, unfortunately, do…

The problem actually lies in Bible translations. You see, copyright laws state that every Bible version has to be something like 20 percent different from any other version, and so they all say something different, rendering some meanings useless or too far OFF the mark.

....Which is actually the case with “The Lord’s Prayer.”

You see, the original languages don’t say anything about “leading into temptation.” Check out the Aramaic, which says the following:

Matthew 6:9. Therefore, you pray like this: Our Father in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. 10. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. As in heaven so on earth.[1] 11 Give us the bread of our need this day. 12. And forgive us our offences as we also have forgiven those who have offended us. 13. And not bring us into trial,[2] but deliver us from the evil one, for Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. (AENT)


[1] Heavens always come before the earth in terms of the creation order, importance and having heaven’s laws rule on earth (Job 38:31-33).

[2] YHWH does not lead His people into “temptation”, but He does test and proves them. Deut. 13:3; Job 1:7-12; James 1:14.


  1. Carmen, sorry to go off topic, but I found this article on the "Flat earth myth" ( Why do people believe that in this day and age to begin with?

  2. Honestly, Kevin, I personally think that people who believe that the earth is flat in this day and age aren't too ... well, let's just say they will also fall for the "antichrist" when he arrives on the scene.

  3. What's your take on the one that I quote (the New American Bible)?

  4. I honestly can't comment on the New American Bible, Kevin, because I've never seen one before.

  5. Researchers of Truth say "Lead us while in temptation". Temptation is everywhere in this planet, but if YHVH leads us through it, then could be a good learning experience.....

  6. Norxgirl - that is REALLY good! Thanks!


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