Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Responding to a “sneaky” counter-missionary

Below is our final correspondence with a woman who has over the last week written to our website several times in hopes of converting us away from Y'shua. She has been pretending to be in a "seeking" and "questioning" mode, all the while pushing her "OT-only" agenda down our throats. Well, what she clearly failed to realize is that, unlike many, we KNOW Scripture and are no wishy-washy pushovers, blowing in the wind! Unlike many, we are NOT "seeking." We have read the Bible through MANY times, and know what it says and doesn't say, and no amount of Scripture twisting on someone's part is going to sway us!

We are posting this as a warning to others who may be receiving emails or private messages from someone "seeking your help" to clear up their "confusion about Jesus"... Chances are, the "seeker" is a former Christian converted by Jewish counter-missionaries, who is being used to reach as many as possible for the purposes of taking them away from Y'shua and the NT so they will stop pushing the YHWH/Yeshua/Torah Truth and thus "confuse" some Jews who are seeking Messiah.... BE VIGILANT! DON'T FALL FOR THEIR AGENDA!

Hello Susan,

This will be my final correspondence because I don't have time to engage in a daily pen-pal type of situation where you keep cutting and pasting and reiterating the same things - the Paul bashing, the "God has a better plan for the Jews" ideas, etc. It's clear you're not reading my responses or anything on my website. In other words, you're doing your level best to waste my time in hopes of bringing me around to a skewed theology that pushes "separation" and "elitism" and "OT only" ideology.

You are clearly pushing your agenda, which appears to be to tell us Messianic Believers that God has different rules for different people, and that the NT doesn't apply (i.e., you wish me to forget about that "ONE in Messiah" thing AND ignore passages such as Numbers 15:13-16 where YHWH Himself tells us FOUR TIMES IN A ROW that ALL who accept Him are to do the same as HIS people).

You tell me you're busy studying Talmud, when it's clear from the things you've written, that you really don't yet have a good grasp of Torah, Tanakh OR the "New Testament" - and yet you feel qualified to "teach" me everything you know. You've made it abundantly clear that you're all about "the Jews" and their beliefs, yet, you keep insisting you'll "never leave Jesus!" - which makes absolutely NO sense!

I know from 20 years of experience in challenging counter-missionaries, that you WILL leave Him at some point! Everything you've written to me indicates that you either already have, or you're headed in that direction. And if you WERE Christian, then - like most Christians - you never bothered reading the ENTIRE Bible at the pshat level (plain meaning) where you would have understood the simplicity of who God is, what He expects of HIS people (which includes ALL who accept Him as their ELOHIM); and that He gave us a "rest of the story" via the New Testament which reveals WHO His Divine Messiah is, and which perfectly lines up with Torah - which reveals ALL must be Torah observant AND believe in His Divine Messiah who willingly lowered himself to become our Final Sin Sacrifice/Offering.

Clearly you don't believe that, and it's all because you are hooked on the teachings of an Orthodox Rabbi whose goal is to use former Christians against their own kind.

So, this is it. I wish you well, but I'm done. But, here's a final word for you if you truly are a "Christian" as you proclaim: In my 20 years of experience in challenging Jewish counter-missionaries, I can promise you that you WILL reject him, at some point, because you're already hooked into the "Judaism minus Jesus" mindset - which is a HUGE mistake and I pray you would re-read the entire Bible WITHOUT the "help" or advice of your Orthodox Rabbi BEFORE going over that cliff.

That Jewish Rabbi whose teachings you're so in love with - he is just "using you." He will never accept you as a Jew or an equal, no matter how much "converting" you may do! You're his "patsy" - someone who is willing to do exactly what you've done here with me, in your efforts to pretend to be seeking while secretly pushing the "OT-only" ideology down my throat. Scripture doesn't teach "elitism" - it teaches ONE IN MESSIAH, same God, same rules. Please let that sink in!

I wish you well.


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