Sunday, March 15, 2020

Let’s pray that this pandemic will serve as a real eye-opener for the entire world!

I believe this coronavirus is designed, in part, to help humanity see that there is a greater force than mankind, and that the most important thing we can all do is to start turning to ADONAI - because if we don't, He WILL hand us over to calamities.

Below is just one example:

2 Chronicles 24:20 24 Although the army of Aram attacked with only a small company of men, Adonai handed over a very great army to them, because they had abandoned Adonai the God of their ancestors. Thus they executed judgment against Yo’ash. (CJB)

Mankind, as a whole, has abandoned God. We're too busy being arrogant and relying on ourselves. I mean, most Believers can't even be bothered to keep His COMMANDED Seventh Day Sabbath Rest - so whom are they really worshiping?

People, He is giving us a chance to turn to Him, because - as we see in the Books of Daniel and Revelation - bad things ARE on the horizon! We NEED to be ready - both spiritually AND physically!

Instead of being in "panic mode" as so many are right now, common sense should have dictated that it would have been wise to keep a little extra canned goods and necessities in the house, in case of any emergencies.

Common sense should have dictated that we needed to use our credit cards wisely, instead of buying everything (with borrowed money) that we felt like buying. (Scripture warns us that the buyer is slave to the lender – Proverbs 22:7)

Common sense should have dictated the necessity to "tighten our belts" each month so that we could actually HAVE that little nest egg to fall back on during any emergencies.... (Financial guru Dave Ramsey has been teaching that for decades!)

Unfortunately, nobody today listens to reason. America, especially, is a spoiled, instant gratification, me-oriented nation where people need "cry-rooms" every time the slightest thing goes wrong in their life.

Instead of returning to BIBLICAL principles, we are doing exactly what the various kings of Yehudah did in ancient times by getting full of themselves and forgetting about YHWH and His Torah.

I'm praying that this pandemic will serve as a real eye-opener for the entire world!


  1. In my area of the country (the southeast), our local grocery stores were blown out on many items (canned goods, meats, bottled water, bread, etc.). On the plus side, I see in your post about having a nest egg. In the past 2-4 years, I've opened a few CDs (certificate of deposits) at my bank (just in case something happens to me).

    1. GOOD FOR YOU, Kevin! You ROCK, brother!!!!


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