Monday, March 16, 2020

Be careful about believing conspiracy theories concerning COVID-19!

I find it truly mind-boggling to know that we have some HR teachers making disparaging and "conspiracy-theory" type of comments about COVID-19 designed to rile everybody up to make it look like "the government" or some "unknown enemy" is somehow behind the virus.

It's NOT a government conspiracy and this is not some scare tactic so that "the government" can take control of you! It's a slowly-but-surely spreading new virus - a pandemic - with nobody knowing exactly how it's spread, how to treat it, or how to keep it from spreading, or how to convince the billions on earth to cooperate with whatever measures need to be taken to save lives!

The governments of the world, and the medical communities, etc. are trying to handle the situation to the best of their knowledge. Nobody was prepared for something like this.

OUR responsibility is NOT to freak out and buy out the stores or fight each other for the last roll of toilet paper; it is to stay calm, prepare to the best of our ability (helping neighbors whenever needed), watch our own cleanliness, use some common sense, and just DEAL with whatever is on the horizon.

Getting stupid and crazy will only serve to hasten the breakdown of society that's beginning to happen because everybody's listening to and believing conspiracy theories.

This is THE TIME to turn to YHWH and His Word; to "get ourselves right with Him" and understand that these ARE the end times as outlined in Daniel and Revelation. It is a time to recognize that HE IS GIVING US A CHANCE to do that - so let's do it! TODAY!

This is only the first of many pandemics and bad times to come. Getting ourselves right with ADONAI is the first and BEST step toward handling the unfolding of His Plans. Ultimately, it's all for our own good, because it serves to prepare us for the Kingdom.

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