Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Think you've got it bad?

During their 40 years in the desert, YHWH’s people had no toilet paper. Come to think of it, they didn't even have toilets... No running water, either. Nor any houses. No electricity. No stoves, ovens or microwaves. No cars, no flatbed trucks to help move their camps and a Temple that required endless assembly and disassembly via hard labor.

Any dissension or chaos was quickly doused via the commanding leadership of an old man though whom YHWH spoke. Those who attempted to rebel were put to death (Deuteronomy 13:5; Proverbs 17:11; Psalm 68:6, etc.). Disease and pandemics often came as a direct result of disobedience (Numbers 12).

What most don’t seem to grasp is that, if it hadn’t been for rebellion (Numbers 13-15), Israel would only have had to wander in the desert for FOUR years. (The number 4 or any variant of 4 always depicts a “time of learning”….)

Because of their rebellion and gross disobedience YHWH multiplied that time of learning by 10. As a result, most of those original approximately 2 million people who came out of Egypt, did NOT get to see the Promised Land (Israel). Not even Moshe (the holiest man on earth at the time) got to enter the Promised Land (see the last few chapters of Deuteronomy).

Know why? Because he had, on a few occasions, taken glory unto himself instead of remembering that it was ALL about YHWH. (Exodus 17; Joshua 3; Numbers 20). Yes, YHWH loved Moshe, and there’s no doubt we WILL see Moshe in the Olam Haba (World to Come) because he was definitely a “believer.”

But at the time of his death, he knew, beyond that proverbial shadow of a doubt, why he wasn’t going into the Promised Land during his own lifetime….

The only original people of the Exodus to enter the Promised Land were Yehoshua (Joshua), son of Nun, who replaced Moshe as leader, and Caleb (Numbers 14:30).

What this historical record tells us is simply this:

We MUST take YHWH and His Divine Instructions seriously, as they are our ONLY blueprint for moral, holy living. He has constantly, since the very beginning, reached out to humanity – NOT to restrict our free will, but to show us HOW to receive Eternal Life in His Presence!

The fact that He ultimately sent us His Divine Messiah whose holy blood redeems those who “believe” AND repent AND turn from their sins to begin living a HOLY life, is PROOF that He wants to see as many as possible in the Olam Haba. (Study the Gospels through Hebrew, instead of Greek eyes! Example: https://www.therefinersfire.org/hebrew_mindset.htm)

If you haven’t done so, then please DO consider it, because – as you can surely see – some major Bible prophecies are unfolding before our very eyes. Hundreds of prophecies have already come true (see our article https://therefinersfire.org/accurate_messiah_prophecies.htm), but we are quickly approaching a time when they will ALL be fulfilled, and those who “missed the boat” as in Noah’s day, will simply be no more. (See Matthew 7:13-14.)

The naked truth is, humanity has had its chance to shine – and we blew it. Throughout history mankind has continuously reverted to the “sin nature” in this fallen world we inherited from Adam and Eve – who committed only ONE sin.

Please think about that as the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic continues its slow but unrelenting spread around the world. It is only the beginning of our human sorrows….

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