Monday, March 9, 2020

On intellect … a fading human attribute

When, exactly, did education, success and wealth become a "bad" thing? Somehow, somewhere that’s exactly what has happened over the last 20 or 30 years.

Don’t you find that a bit disturbing? I sure do!

I mean, I’m floored to see so many “armchair experts” spewing vitriol at the educated and education in general. For countless centuries, men have always striven to become educated and successful. But now? Now, it’s looked down upon and something to poke fun at.

And, have you ever noticed that the claws really come out if someone dares to actually use their earned title or – God forbid! – they dare mention that they have credentials! Matter of fact, in many Facebook groups, you risk becoming completely ostracized if you show ANY intellect, whatsoever!

What’s more, those same vicious know-nothing loudmouths who loathe intellect and education, will also berate those who have “made something” of themselves and become wealthy in the process.

(Yes – “being well-to-do” is ALSO “uncool” today!)

Instead of admiring and lauding those who have “made it to the top” via hard work, good choices and good stewardship of their finances, the “armchair experts” will verbally pummel them to pieces, level lies and baseless accusations at them, and generally tear them to shreds - all from the safety of their computer or cellphone keyboards (never mind that it never dawns on them that -unlike themselves - smart and successful people aren’t drowning in a sea of debt, begging the "government" to bail them out).

(As you probably already know, “armchair experts” aren’t necessarily bright enough to figure out THEY created their own problems. No - they will quickly place the blame on “the government” or the current President, or the “rotten economy” or anything else that deflects the blame from their own poor choices).

So, while my little rant might make me very unpopular, I HAVE to say it - that little adage I once saw somewhere:

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!”

It's hard to escape them, and they seem to be taking over.

Stupidity, impertinence, arrogance, self-centeredness and callousness are the “in-thing” today! If you want to be accepted by the masses, you MUST drop your intellect, never mention your education level, loudly babble on and on about things you know nothing about, give all your money away and just generally pass yourself off as one of the “good ol’ boys or girls – like all those “armchair experts” who have never contributed anything worthwhile to society and see no problem letting the whole world know it….


  1. Do these same people put emphasis on athletics? How did athletics become so top notch at school and universities? But ask these people important things (geography, history, etc.) and they are confused and perplexed.

    1. You can say that again, Kevin. We are definitely "dumbed down" anymore... And hey - what do you expect when everybody is ignorant? It becomes the norm....

  2. When it comes to dating, marriage and relationships, I've heard people use the saying "age is just a number." May I obtain some clarification on this?

  3. Well, there's no biblical answer for that, but yeah, I guess you could say it's "just a number." You have to, however remember to also "act" your age.

    I personally feel it's ridiculous for a, say, 50-year-old man to marry a 19-year-old. Yes, the sex might be great for him - but what else do they have in common? He could be her grandfather! Soon he will start looking old and winkled and she will yearn for someone her own age.

    Many young women will marry older or downright OLD men for their money. They don't want to work and figure, they'll be taken care of. In my eyes, that makes them prostitutes.

    Sure, they are exceptions where the "May-December" romances are real because the couple fell in love for whatever reason.)

  4. I don't think there is a disdain for Intellect or education, just a realization that what our universities are producing are not 'educated' people but indoctrinated minions. So much of what is taught in university is garbage and anti-God and is a cancer for the minds of the youth who attend.

    1. I beg to differ with you on that, BrotherBill – because most of those spouting off anti-education rhetoric have never set foot inside a university, much less, taken a class, so how would they know what’s being taught there? ALL they know about higher education is what they’ve “heard” or “read” somewhere….

      While what you wrote is true to a certain extent, not everyone with a degree is an "indoctrinated minion" - and I resent the implication. It depends a lot upon which college one attends and what courses they take.

      I personally never went to college for "fluff" or to party, like many have done, and I never took any classes led by liberal, left-wing professors.

      I attained ALL my 9 years of college by taking a total of 22 YEARS of night courses AFTER WORK while supporting myself and serving my country in the United States Army for 22 years - without going into debt to get my education.
      As a result, I became a German translator, an administrator, a school-trained journalist and, ultimately, a Messianic Rabbi - and NOBODY gets to put me down for that - especially not some uneducated, unemployed armchair "expert" who barely graduated from high school, feeling entitled and empowered behind his keyboard....

      I can't tell you how many times over the years since our website was created (in 2001) I've been told by those types (often by people who can't spell or formulate a proper sentence), "I couldn't care less about your illustrious qualifications; they don't impress me" (referring to our About Us page).

      Well, armchair experts don’t impress ME, either, so we’re even. The difference between me and them is, while they’re sitting around mouthing off and espousing uninformed OPINIONS, accomplishing nothing in this world, and putting others down in order to build themselves up, I’M using all my life experience and education for the Kingdom, preaching and teaching and passing on my knowledge … for FREE!

      Nothing says they HAVE to read the articles on our website or buy my books. If they think I’m a moron and don’t like what I teach, they’re free to go elsewhere. No skin off my nose.


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