Tuesday, March 3, 2020

A word about the Coronavirus

People, please don't listen to those who are either trying to be alarmists about the Coronavirus, or telling you there's nothing to worry about. Be proactive and prepare for the eventuality that you might have to stay at home as this thing continues to spread,, because it IS spreading across the US now! So far there have been 9 deaths in the US, but God only knows how many are infected.

This virus IS in every country around the world now, except for Antarctica. The worst outbreaks so far have been in China, S. Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy.

Be smart, employ plenty of common sense, prepare to be quarantined in your own homes with plenty of food and supplies - and stay informed! If, for some reason this thing somehow fizzles out on its own, then what have you really lost by buying extra non-perishable foods? Nothing!

Judging by everything going on in the world, we are IN the end times where bad things are going to happen - so just stay calm, stay in Scripture, get yourself right with ADONAI, and pray. The good news is - Believers KNOW where they will spend eternity, no matter WHAT happens - Halleluyah!

This website contains both maps of the infected countries around the world and in the United States….

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