Sunday, March 29, 2020

On “using the Lord’s name in vain”

Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand it when someone says, "Halleluyah!" just for the heck of it, when they're not really talking to YHWH/Yeshua. A few years ago, while standing in line at a pharmacy, some people behind the counter were kidding around with each other, and one - to show agreement with another - shouted, "Well, halleluyah!" It literally made me cringe! To me, that's an example of "using the Lord's Name in vain."...YHWH's Name is HOLY and is to be treated with reverence and respect!

Psalm 8:1 O יהוה, our Master, how excellent is Your Name in all the earth, You who set Your splendour above the heavens! (ISR)

Psalm 111:9 He sent redemption to His people, He has commanded His covenant forever. Set-apart and awesome is His Name. 10 The fear of יהוה is the beginning of wisdom, All those doing them have a good understanding. His praise is standing forever. (ISR)

Matthew 6: 9. Therefore, you pray like this: Our Father in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. 10. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done. As in heaven so on earth. 11 Give us the bread of our need this day. 12. And forgive us our offences as we also have forgiven those who have offended us. 13. And not bring us into trial, but deliver us from the evil one, for Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. (AENT)

Philippians 2:9. Wherefore, also, Elohim has highly exalted him and given him a name [1] which is more excellent than all names; 10. that at the name of Y’shua every knee should bow, of (beings) in heaven and on earth and under the earth; 11. and that every tongue should confess that Y’shua the Mashiyach is YHWH [2], to the glory of Elohim his Father. (AENT)


[1] More that his literal birth name Y’shua (which was and is a common Hebrew name), and more than the perfect reputation that his name represents. Y’shua bears the Name of YHWH, the “name above all names”! Y’shua has the Name and reputation of the Father YHWH in him (John 17:11) and the name means “YHWH is Salvation” (Matthew 1:21).

[2] (The footnote suggest we read the whole appendix entitled, "Y'shua is YHWH" - however, to the sake of brevity, I'll only post the first few lines.)

The Spirit of YHWH, also known as the Ruach haKodesh, is both within Mashiyach and is YHWH; however, the nephesh (soul) of Y’shua is “the person” or vessel of Y’shua where the Spirit of YHWH dwells. The physical body of Y’shua and his soul are not YHWH, but Y’shua made himself subject to YHWH in all aspects.

Rabbis have long believed that Mashiyach existed before the material universe and that everything in time and space is subject to Mashiyach. That Mashiyach existed continuously from before creation indicates a very intimate spiritual connection to YHWH, which isn’t such a mystery when we consider our own spirit, soul and body.

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