Friday, January 19, 2018

Yeshua-rejecters: Leave Yeshua alone and get a life!

Here's a question for the Yeshua-rejecters who seem to be following me around, lately. Chew on this meme for awhile and then ask yourself why you're following a religion where some believe that swinging a dead chicken or wave money over their head on Yom Kippur (Kapparot) serves as atonement; yet you're adamantly rejecting Yeshua who shed his blood for you. Yeshua martyred himself on our behalf - against which there is no law.

Also ask yourself why you - someone who once believed Yeshua was Messiah - now spend endless amounts of time chatting about Yeshua. You've REJECTED him as Messiah. Let him go and get a life!


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  1. Carmen, if they had a life Yeshua would be a part of it. People like the wide road where there is no peace or security, so they have to TRY and make others feel as lost as they are. Our wish is for everyone on this planet will one day take a knee and bow in reverence to our Father and His Son. It is their wish also, but they know it will never be. There will be but a remnent serving and praising Him. We are certainly grateful that we are on His narrow path to life. He will be looking for those set apart that reach the end of that walk. What a great and marvelous moment that will be.

    See you there, Love and Blessings, Rick and Lilly


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