Monday, January 1, 2018

Counter-missionary comment: “God never required HUMAN sacrifices!”

The counter-missionaries are at it again. This time, they're picking on the idea that "Jesus was a human sacrifice - and God NEVER required human sacrifice!"

News flash! Yeshua was not sacrificed; he martyred himself - against which, there is no law!

One must look at the situation for what it was, and not as a "human sacrifice!" First, we must remember that the Passover lamb was not sacrificed and offered to YHWH. The lamb's blood was a substitute for the humans. Second, Yeshua was not "human" in the same vein as we are. His body was "human", but his qnoma (nature) was entirely divine. So, in that sense, if someone insists on calling His death a "sacrifice", was not a "human sacrifice."

As the lamb of the original Passover, Yeshua was killed, not "sacrificed"! His death was metaphorical. He was the sinless being who bore OUR sins, and died for us, so WE could be spared - that one time (Isaiah 53). Scripture says that the Messiah's death would be "like" a lamb led to slaughter (Isaiah 53:7); not that His substitution WAS a slaughter of sacrifice.

The word "sacrifice" does not have to mean "bloody animal killing", but it can simply mean "in place of". Though the statement that human sacrifice "later became accepted and necessary by Christianity" is largely accurate, we must say that this is only another example of the error of Christian theology, and not a justification for denying that "Jesus" was the Messiah.

Furthermore, those who insist Yeshua is NOT the Messiah for whatever reason, please read Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 53! The chapters aren't that long, but they're powerful, and those with "eyes to see" will understand. The Bible says what it says, but the "religious" have always and will always twist the meaning of certain passages. That is why it is very important for each individual to READ ALL OF THE BIBLE for themselves - from start to finish; not just peck around in it and then pretend they are knowledgeable scholars.

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  1. This reflects what some use as applying modern or different meaning to a term or action that meant something different in its original context. My understanding is that sacrifice in this context was to "take the place of". Sure, it can be argued Yeshua was dying for a cause or purpose as in a martyr, just as much as he was taking the place of mankind for all their sin as a sacrifice in our place . The animals that were the sin/guilt/peace offerings etc were taking the place of or a sacrifice for the people presenting it .God Himself presented an offering to take the place of our sin, not as a man with blemish, but as a sacrifice that was perfect in every way to deal with sin offerings etc once and for all. That is deliverance or salvation 101! The good news continues that Yeshua continued to fulfill torah and the prophets perfectly by being raised from the dead, appearing to hundreds, and now at the right hand in glory interceding on our behalf until He returns! I understand from mist Jews I have talked with about this us they use stand the passover lamb was sacrificed on behalf of the household so the first born may live. The lambs life was in place of that firstborn Yeshua laid down His life and was became our sacrifice in place of those who believe so they may live. He was indeed or passover lamb sacrificed for us.


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