Sunday, January 21, 2018

A mini-lesson about the safety of Torah

Remember my little article from a few weeks ago about our dog’s “Torah” (the little wire fence that keeps him safe in our backyard because it’s a deterrent to keep him from straying)? Well, a couple mornings ago when we got ready to let him out the back door into his “Torah” we noticed a small herd of deer hanging out just up the hill. Figuring they would be no threat as long as we were there to keep an eye on him, we hesitantly let him out.

To our surprise, one of the does came strutting down the hill to have a closer look at little Dallas, and so Bill stepped outside, just to let her know Dallas’ Dad was going to be watching, just in case she had evil on her mind. This, of course, caused the doe to stop and back up a little, but she didn’t leave.

Seconds later, Dallas was ready to come back inside (he’s almost blind and deaf, so he didn’t even know about the deer), and when he turned to head back inside, the doe started trotting toward him, outside the little fence. It was adorable, and she honestly appeared to just want to play, but Dallas was oblivious. Once Dallas was out of sight, the doe slowly turned and left. She never once tried to step across the fence into Dallas’ “Torah” - obviously, because Bill was standing in it….

Isn’t this how ADONAI protects us, too? “The world” is out there, ready to devour us in myriad ways, but if we’re standing on His Torah, He will keep us safe from the onslaughts of the Evil One. That is not to say, life is always a “bed of roses,” because it’s not – we are, after all, in a “fallen world” where bad stuff happens to good people. But being in HIS Will simply makes our paths smoother and easier to navigate. Not to mention, for those who endure, there is an eternal reward! (Matthew 5:12; Luke 6:23; 1 Cor 15:42-44; 2 Cor 5:1-4 and 9:6; 1 Peter 5:4; Revelation 22:4)



  1. I read your article on your website about curses. People mock me for believing that we inherit curses from generation to generation. I believe that coming to YHWH and accepting Him as Creator, Redeemer and King as well as believing and praying to Him for Deliverance is the way to break free of curses.

    1. Kevin, as always, you are a voice of reason. You are SO right! The ONLY way to break curses is to give your life to Him and ask HIM for deliverance. Amein, Kevin!

  2. There are many types of people out there who want to break free of sin, curses, disgrace, misery, and shame one minute but the next minute make excuses for such things. Scripture says beware of such people (2 Kepha 2:17-22).


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