Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ya think America might have a problem?

Good kid bad kid


  1. Is this saying that being wicked and depraved is the way to go but succeeding and overcoming troubles is bad? Reminds me of Yeshayahu 5:20.

    1. No, it's saying that "the world" has turned YHWH's Divine Instructions upside-down. "Bad" is now considered "good" and "good" is considered "bad." We are a nation that's totally upside-down in their thinking, godless, paganistic, full of everything YHWH hates.

      People LOVE "bad" today, never mind that "bad" always ends up losing. Unless someone intervenes and gets through to her before it's too late, his girl above is surely headed for hell in a hand-basket, for she is completely out of control. She'll be lucky if she lives to 25. No one will hire her and she'll never amount to anything.... Satan is her god and carnal behavior is her world. Scripture tells us exactly what happens to those types! Our prayer for her is that YHWH gets a hold of her somehow and she is smart enough to accept Him. If she doesn't, she is hosed on many fronts.


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