Wednesday, January 31, 2018

And God used a skunk….

You know how sometimes your whole day just seems to be full of little frustrations that drive you nuts? Well, I’m a firm believer that sometimes – more often than not – those things happen for a reason. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-5, John 9:1-41, Genesis 50:20, Matthew 10:29-31, etc.)

Take, for instance, the day יהוה used a skunk to prevent my husband and me from being involved in a horrific, head-on car crash.

The year was 2008 and we were on our way to synagogue early on one Saturday morning. Running late, I was trying to make up for it by speeding – until we happened upon a poor dead skunk plastered across both lanes of the two-lane highway in Black Forest. Well, naturally, I slowed way down and veered off the pavement to keep from getting any of the mess on our car.

This little diversion took no more than maybe 10 seconds, but it literally saved our lives because, had I kept up my speed on that fateful morning, we would have had a head-on collision with a careless driver who was passing several cars stuck behind a slow vehicle crawling up a steep hill, just a mile or so further up the road…

As it was, we couldn’t see the speeding car coming until it was nearly upon us at the crest of the hill - and the ONLY reason we didn’t collide was because I stomped on the brake and drove off the side of the road – which, luckily, consisted of a narrow strip of freshly-mowed, fairly even terrain.

YHWH sees and knows all, the end from beginning (Isaiah 46:10) and that day He surely knew that my hubby and I needed those 10 extra seconds to keep us from being killed; and He used a poor, unsuspecting precious little creature to keep that from happening. We’ll never be able to thank Him enough for that!

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