Friday, January 4, 2019

A word about the "blood moon" hype

As you’ve probably heard, there’s yet another “Supermoon Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse” coming up on January 20th, and Hebrew Roots Facebook “experts” are yet again gearing up for this “sign” that will supposedly hold some kind of significance for Israel.

If there’s one thing my avid astronomer husband, Bill Welker loathes, it is ordinary total lunar eclipses being referred to as “blood moons” along with the usual hype and sensationalism that "something is going to happen" during this time.

Most don’t seem to realize that the term “blood moon” in this context is relatively new. It was applied by people like Pastors Hagee and Biltz who, in circa 2014 published and hawked their books about the “lunar tetrad” of 2014-2015, coining the term “blood moon” from scripture, with the media immediately adopting the term, and the hype so that we appear to now be stuck with it forever…

Sadly, with the term “blood moon” - so deeply misused now - few will come to know that there is only one, true blood moon and it will be a biblical event – NOT an ordinary lunar eclipse.

That is not to say that an ordinary eclipse can’t have significance. As Bill’s article shows, a truly significant event that has happened in Israel during a total lunar eclipse was the one that was FULLY VISIBLE to Israel and marked the birth of Yeshua!  Please check out our article in which Bill wrote the following:

"On the night of Sep 13th, 5 BCE, there was a well-placed total Lunar Eclipse. By 'well placed', we mean that the moon rose that night, well before Jupiter, and was of course, nearly full. The eclipse began at about 8:30 PM, with the moon 35 degrees high – perfectly placed from Jerusalem to see the entire eclipse."

Now THAT was a sign! (But it was NOT a “blood moon.”)

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