Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A message for our Jewish friends

An organization called Jews for Jesus is telling Jews that they must ditch Torah in order to accept Jesus. That is a LIE!

The truth is, it would be spiritual suicide for a Jew (or anyone else who worships the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) to give up Torah! Anyone who has ever read the "Old Testament" can see that it's all about YHWH's people (Hebrews), and His attempts to get them away from the world and its pagan mindset.

How? By giving them Divine Rules to follow – which can be found in the first five Books that contain all the “thus saith the Lord” verses! These rules were called Torah, and He told them, over and over again in many different ways to OBEY them!

While most of those original "613" commands were meant for the Levite priests, some pertained only to men, while others were only for women; but some were meant to last "forever" or to be adhered to "throughout your generations."

So, why should Jews turn their backs on who they are, just to join some man-made religion that has changed the rules? Yeshua didn't come to bring the Torah-less Christianity, or any other man-made religion!

Furthermore, if people would READ the "thus saith the Lord" words contained in those first five Books of the Bible, they would begin to understand that He commanded ALL who accept Him as their God to do exactly as HIS people do. They would see the Truth and beauty of the indivisible YHWH/Yeshua/Torah...

By the way, all the above information is IN your Bible!  Please see our challenge to Jews for Jesus for more information.

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