Saturday, November 18, 2017

Oh, great, the “pagan police” are out bashing Thanksgiving again….

Okay, the illustrious Hebrew Roots "pagan police" are crawling out of their holes again - this time, to (like every year) bash Thanksgiving. SIGH! No surprise, we're seeing the usual plague of gnat-straining camel-swallowers rising up to insist Thanksgiving is "pagan" and providing all kinds of "historical proof" for their idea that present-day Americans should all be crucified for "taking this land away from the Native Americans."

Fine. Then every modern-day German should be burned alive in mass ovens for what their ancestors did to the Jews.

My goodness. It never ends....

Here's the thing from my perspective. Thanksgiving doesn't masquerade as one of YHWH's Holy Days, and it doesn't cater to the forces of darkness, as does Halloween. So, what's your problem with it?

There is NOTHING wrong with a NATION getting together as a NATION to thank God for what we have, so snap out of it!

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