Monday, November 20, 2017

A book about the most heinous sex crime of all: Pedophelia

With all the sexual harassment allegations making daily headlines, I'd like to remind everyone that I wrote my autobiography, Rags to Rabbi, to expose the most heinous sex crime of all - pedophelia. While my life as a sexually abused baby, child and teenager was heartbreaking, it has a happy ending, thanks to the healing that only God Himself could bring! Here is a quick synopsis, taken from the back of the book (which, by the way, also features suggestions on how to heal from abuse):

This autobiography by author and webmaster, Carmen Welker, is a straight-forward, no-nonsense expose about the ramifications of childhood sexual abuse. Her story, which unfolds chronologically from early childhood on, is one of rejection, abuse and indescribable horrors at the hands of her mother and adoptive father.

Born in post-war Germany near the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Carmen was given away at birth and lived with a poor but loving foster family until the age of nine, when she was literally ripped from her foster home by her natural mother who had to get Carmen back in order to be able to leave Germany with her new, American soldier husband.

Unbeknownst to Carmen, whose young life had been violently shaken, the real horrors were yet to come, because her new "father"– a respected Army First Sergeant – happened to be a raving pedophile.

Seeking to escape her abusive past, Carmen joined the U.S. Army at age 18 where she ultimately made it to the top in the field of journalism.

Her personal life, however (thanks to haSatan, who ensures that our "baggage" follows us around) never got off the ground.

She was 44 years old before she found YAHWEH, who completely delivered her from the horrors of her past and provided healing from the inside out.

"Rags to Rabbi" reveals the struggle between YAHWEH and Satan in our lives, and shows that there IS healing through faith and obedience!

(My book can be found at Amazon.)


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