Wednesday, November 1, 2017

And the conspiracy theories continue…

Well, surprise, surprise, the Internet continues to teem with loud-mouthed, government-hating, riot-seeking types who know nothing about anything, yet love to stand on their soap boxes to shout out their narrow-minded thoughts designed to terrorize the gullible. This is no different from the "blood moon" and "rapture happening on a certain date" hypes, yet many are falling for their nonsense.

So here’s the scoop, people - and please use some common sense to discern the LIES this woman is spreading, with what's actually going to happen:

NOTHING is going to happen to the USA! With that N. Korean lunatic threatening nuclear war, there's going to a military exercise that will SIMULATE a massive power disruption. That's ALL. The US military is constantly performing simulations. It's what they do to remain prepared for any emergency.

The US is simply conducting a test of a communication plan as if there had been a nationwide disruption of the power grid by a giant solar storm. It is a TEST so radio operators would know which frequencies to use to receive and send information should such a disaster ever happen.

It is only the untrustworthy conspiracy websites and YouTube videos spinning this into a frenzy of LIES. Nothing is going to happen! It's a military exercise and only SIMULATES a massive power disruption.


  1. Sounds like these people are "paying attention to deceitful spirits and demonic instructions" (1 Timothy 5:1).

  2. We are not to be investing Faithful Living Trust as though for Certain Assurance for the flesh.
    Strong's Lexicon H352 -> "Elohim = primarily a Political Chief." Now add this definition to Exodus 20:2--5 and then you'll find out that God Almighty absolutely forbids us from following after Politicians and Jingoistic Super-Patriot Militaristic Governments of which were designed specifically by Sinful Men for the primary purposes of conducting Commerce.


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