Sunday, July 12, 2020

So, you’re “offended”? Well, so am I. Let me count the ways….

With so many people mouthing off about “what offends” them today – to the point of wanting every statue torn down, every history book-re-written, every street and grocery store product and even ball teams renamed, let me share some of the things that offend ME! In no particular order, I offer the following:

• Hypocrites – those who don’t practice what they preach.

• Riots – race or otherwise. They are senseless and stupid; perpetrated by childish people throwing temper tantrums and exhibiting every kind of BAD behavior the Bible warns us about. (Galatians 5:19-24)

• A lack of common sense and reasoning power. What is so hard about recognizing that we shouldn’t condemn every Black or White (or any other color) for the actions of SOME; and that it’s usually the “bad” ones who end up on the evening news; while all the “good” are rarely mentioned?

• People who refuse to wear masks during a pandemic – especially the ones who have the gall to say something stupid like, “If you’re afraid to catch the virus, stay home!” (Why don’t YOU stay home, you selfish nitwit? I wear a mask to help protect YOU, if I happen to be infected and don’t it. People like YOU are THE REASON for the resurgence of COVID-19!)

• People who go around insisting the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax. Yeah, tell that to those whose loved ones have DIED! Unless you’re a doctor, scientist, epidemiologist or someone with actual qualifications who can speak intelligently about this pandemic, YOU need to sit back and be quiet! Whether YOU believe it or not, this virus HAS done its level best to ruin life as we’ve known it, and cripple world economies! Has it ever occurred to you – you “armchair expert” - that this virus just might be THE very thing that ends up wiping out two-thirds of the world as outlined in Zechariah 13? WAKE UP and pay attention!

• Christians who don’t understand what Torah is, yet feel obligated to tell me I’m ”under the law” – as if it were a BAD thing! News Flash! - NOT obeying God’s Divine Instructions is a “bad thing” – so whose law are THEY following if they can’t even be bothered to keep the COMMANDED Seventh Sabbath or His Holy Feasts/Appointed Times, all of which foreshadow Messiah Yeshua?

• People on Social Media feeling qualified to tell the rest of us how to live, who and what we should like or dislike, and what to eat, drink, and think.

• People being rude and downright disrespectful toward each other.

• The lack of respect shown towards education and hard work. When did those things become the butt of jokes? Many feel entitled to have everything handed to them on a silver platter – including what we working folks WORKED HARD for! (That’s why so many young people are wanting to turn America into s Socialist country! But, hey – since they’re blinded by the idea of handouts and trying to re-write history, they really have no clue how utterly destructive Socialism is…)

• The “dumbing down” going on everywhere, on all sorts of levels – for instance, the trend with weather forecasters is to tell you the “feels like” index. Instead of providing the actual temps, they say things like, “Today is gonna be a hot one; it will feel like 110 outside.” (I’m not three years old; just tell me what the actual temp will be and I’ll make up my own mind as to what it “feels like”….)

• Friend requests from fake Facebook accounts made by evil folks desiring to “mine” our profiles/photos/info to make more fake accounts; and to find gullible people to send them money.

• Facebook “friends” who never bother to contact you, yet somehow believe you’ll be interested in all the junk they post on their own walls, and will send myriad “forwards” via Messenger … videos, articles or silly “chain letters” and memes promising God will bless you IF you forward the nonsensical garbage to all your Facebook contacts within the next 10 minutes…

• Women who post sexy/revealing photos of themselves and then cry “foul” and “sexual harassment!” when some man makes a suggestive comment.

• GO FUND ME pages on Facebook – especially those posted by able-bodied people who have more “wants” than “needs” and yet have the chutzpah to get YOU to reach deep into your pocket to help fulfill their wish list without having to WORK for anything. While there are certainly some people with REAL needs, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate them from the lazy or “entitled” scam artists, so be VERY careful. There are no holy commands telling you that YOU are required to support every person on the planet with a Go Fund Me page.

• People who suck the life out of you with prayer requests for their endless emotional and financial needs, demanding your time and energy, and guilting you into “being there” for them 24/7.

Okay, I could list more items, but you get the gist. Do you think that something can be done to help eliminate the things that offend ME! If not, why not? After all, the history I studied in school is being re-written by “offended” people! My goodness – even the grocery store products I knew and loved as a child are being “renamed” because of “offended” people!

The statues of people I learned about in the history books, who helped to build America, are being torn down by “offended” people, who are too dense to recognize that the flaws they see in our ancestors through today’s mindset, were simply because THEY lived according to the norms of their day.

It was simply “the way things were back then!” It’s unfair and downright LUDICROUS to judge long-dead people with the prejudices of our “modern” mindsets. Instead of being irate about the statues that were made in their honor, try THANKING GOD that things are DIFFERENT today!

So, yeah, I’m offended, too – because brainless, angry, prideful people with no common sense are busy making ridiculous demands and trying to FORCE America to become what their little pea-brains think it should be!

Sorry – but that REALLY offends me! As an educated, hard-working, naturalized American citizen who pays taxes and votes – I’m waiting to what the “offended” of America are going to do about the things that offends ME! (Or don’t MY rights and feelings and desires count?)

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  1. LMAO....
    We, as TORAH observant followers of Yashuah, have traits that the antagonists in your diatribe do not have. FREEDOM, FAITH, TRUST...I too find myself screaming many of these frustrations. We are in fact witnessing TOHU and BOHU first hand and all I can say is that it truly boggles the mind' Almost to a threshold of mental pain. Or is it spiritual pain?
    The depth and breadth of propaganda and lies perpetrated on us from all sides is utterly AWESOME! Thus, for some of us, it is easy to see how the entire world can be deceived. Although, I admit, it is painfully difficult at times when you try to wrap your mind around many of the thoughts, actions and situations going on around us...."SIGH".
    Thus, the only conclusion I've come up with so far is to pray every day for Elohim's wisdom, understanding, knowledge, strength and courage to make it through this time of absolute LAWLESSNESS.


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