Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Reasons why we DO have “free will”

Many insist we don’t have “free will” and that God controls our entire life.  Here are some reasons as  to why that idea is bogus:

The Aramaic says the following (and I've included the sentence AFTER verse 13 because it SHOWS that we have "free will" as we are being exhorted to BE HOLY for YHWH....

Philippians 2:13. For Elohim is operating in you, both to purpose and also to perform that which you desire. 14. Do all things without arguing and without conflict; 15. that you may be perfect and without blemish, as the sincere children of Elohim who are resident in a perverse and crooked generation; and that you may appear among them as shining lights in the world; 16. so that you may be to them in place of life, for my glory in the day of the Mashiyach that I may not have run in vain or worked for nothing, (AENT)

Furthermore, if "free will" was a hoax, then WHY did Adam and Eve get the CHOICE to mess up and end up out of the Garden?

Why, throughout the entire Torah, do we see YHWH constantly SHOWING people how to be holy, set apart, reconciled to Him through OBEDIENCE ... even punishing them for deliberately breaking Shabbat, etc. if they didn't have the FREE WILL to DISOBEY?

If we had NO free will, we would ALL be living happily forever in the Garden of Eden, because He would never have allowed us to sin....

One last example:

When we go to a restaurant (back in the days before this Covid plague when we could do so) we had the FREE WILL to eat pork or shellfish if we wished.  We could have said, "But I love crab legs, so God will understand"; or we could have said, "I choose to obey God who told me pork and crab are unclean".

For those of us who love ADONAI, we derive great joy in CHOOSING to obey Him, for we know that an unclean person cannot be in His presence.

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