Thursday, June 11, 2020

Did you know that Yeshua had a God?

Did you know that Yeshua had an ELOHIM (YHWH) to Whom he prayed? And did you know that Yeshua actually never accused YHWH of “forsaking” him?

It’s true! Take a look:

John 20:17. Y’shua said to her Do not touch me, for I have not yet ascended to my Father. But go to my brothers and tell them that I ascend to my Father and your Father and my Elohim and your Elohim. (AENT)

NOTE – “I ascend to my Father and your Father and my Elohim and your Elohim.” WOW! Yeshua constantly deferred to his ELOHIM, and constantly spoke with, and prayed to Him!

Now, take a look at this:

John 17:1. Y'shua spoke these things and he lifted up his eyes to Heaven and said My Father the hour has come. Glorify your Son so that your Son might glorify you. 2. Just as you have given him authority over all flesh that whomever You have given him, he will give to him life that is eternal. 3. Now this is life that is eternal, that they might know You, that You are the Elohim of Truth, and he alone whom You have sent, the Mashiyach Y'shua. (AENT)

Notice – Yeshua knew who he was while walking the earth. He was the MESSIAH, embued with the Divine Spirit of YHWH. He never suggested that he, himself, was YHWH. He remained focused on his ELOHIM unto death….

Matthew 27:45. Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land until the ninth hour. 46. And about the ninth hour, Y’shua cried out with a loud voice and said, My El! My El! [Lemana shabakthani] Why have you spared me? [1]

47. And some of those men who were standing there when they heard it were saying, “This man calls to Eliyahu.” 48. And immediately, one of them ran and took a sponge and filled it with vinegar and put it on a reed, and was offering a drink to him.[2] 49. But the rest were saying, “Let him be. Let us see if Eliyahu comes to save him.” 50. Then again Y’shua cried out with a loud voice and gave up his spirit.[3] (AENT)

NOTE that YHWH Himself wasn’t the One who died! It was His human Messiah, who was both “born” and “died” … and then the Spirit of Yeshua (who was the Word, John 1:1, 14) and the “Arm” of YHWH (Isaiah 53:1) then eventually rejoined the Spirit of YHWH….


[1] Y’shua was not necessarily quoting Psalm 22, although the imagery of the Psalm is certainly intended by Matthew. Greek is transliterated Eli, Eli lama sabacthani, but Peshitta and Psalm 22 read: Eli, Eli lama azbatani. Many Bibles read “forsaken” from which came a false teaching that the Father left Y’shua destitute (Marcionite thinking).

Isaiah 53:4 indicates that “we” reckoned him smitten of Elohim, but it is not YHWH who tortured His own son, but men motivated by religious tradition. Psalm 22 references those who scorned Y’shua for his Faith in YHWH and called him a worm (detested), but Father YHWH does not forsake the righteous, nor does He at any time “forsake” His own Son – see Psalm 9:9, 10; 37:25; 71:11; Isaiah 49:14-16.

Y'shua says "Eli" (my El). He is in great physical pain after being brutally tortured; those around him were confused about whether he was saying "Eli-yah" or "Eliyahu". If Hebrew eyewitnesses were not sure of what he was saying, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Greek transliteration was also wrong, putting "lama sabacthani" rather than "lemana shabakthani".

Perhaps the reason Y’shua says "why are you sparing me" is because he has proven his commitment by laying down his life and has already endured about six hours of the execution! So, it’s not a matter of being "forsaken" but that he literally means, "Father, I'm ready, why can’t we finish this?" In a matter of moments from saying this, he dies, which fully supports this interpretation.

[2] Psalm 69:21,22

[3] Referring to Luke 24:43 - "And Y’shua cried out with a loud voice and said, My Father, into Your Hands I place my spirit!" (See also Psalm 31:5 (6))


  1. I'm absolutely inclined to agree with the point presented here. This helps bring light to a verse I've ignored. As all teachings in the mainstream go out of there way to show "Jesus" as g-d. One could write an entire book/s showing how Yahushuah clearly stated that he was not the Father, nor was he greater.
    So as a side note to this, since you go to the Aramaic, please clarify;

    Luk 23:34)  But Yeshua was saying, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Then they cast lots, dividing up His clothing.

    As the Greek seems to says "Forgive them not, for they know what they do". How does the Aramaic read?

    1. Thanks for the question! Luke 23:34 in the Aramaic English New Testament says:

      34. And Y’shua was saying, Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. And they divided his clothing and cast lots for them.


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