Thursday, June 18, 2020

Just some random thoughts

My husband and I are forever in Scripture in one way or another, learning, growing and updating our knowledge in hopes of getting an ever-closer relationship with YHWH/Yeshua.

Our present knowledge comes from 20+ years of diligent, daily study, constantly learning and - using plenty of discernment - discarding those things that we discover were off the mark, and then updating our knowledge with the help of the Ruach (Holy Spirit) and scholars we trust (of which there are very few)…

I've noticed over the years that way too many people stay "stuck in a rut" when it comes to Scripture.  They tend to do one of several things:

(1) They  simply accept the Scripture translations as they are; never questioning  anything, and consequently, never really learning or growing. They don't know God and treat Him like He's their fairy-godfather, someone they can boss around, demanding He fix their broken lives; forever ordering Him to bless them and others. 

They don't realize He doesn't work that way, or that accepting YHWH/Yeshua/Torah requires some WORK on their part (i.e. obedience to His Divine Instructions).  Because they don't know Scripture, they haven't got a clue that a relationship with God is a two-way street.

(2)  They don't bother to read the Bible at all.  Ever. They simply pick up  snippets in church or from Facebook or wherever, and pretend they know  enough about it to fool God into thinking they're holy. 

(Most of the people I've questioned admit they have NOT read “the whole  Bible”;  while others admit they’ve only either “read the New Testament”  or  “picked their way through” and read only certain passages.)

(3)  And then we have those who go to the other extreme of accepting  absolutely nothing, or very little of what they read; and simply  formulate their own opinions which they then view as “truth” … and then  pass it onto others who thrive on “ear tickling” nonsense and conspiracy  theories. 

(4)  And then we also have those who have found their  way to the Truth of YHWH/Yeshua/Torah, who believe they now have ALL the  answers and immediately view themselves as qualified "teachers" ...  teaching, of course, personal opinions formulated from what they "now  know" coupled with certain dragged-in dogmas from the past, mixed into  half-truths gleaned from other self-proclaimed "teachers"...

It is therefore no wonder that there is a "great falling away" in progress!  Bil and I have communicated with people who decided to become atheists or  agnostics because “they were so disappointed at having been duped all  their life”; while still others are on a perpetual merry-go-round of “religion  hopping” because they’re looking for something that “feels right” to  them.

One of the most serious offenses by Believers is a trend to “reject” Paul …  which then leads to rejecting Yeshua, which of course means one has to ultimately  reject the entire New Testament.
And then what?  Well, they  start following Jewish counter-missionary rabbis who make their living  taking Christians and Messianics away from the WHOLE Truth, and drawing  them into Judaism … for the purpose of “using” those people against  those of us who are into YHWH/Yeshua/Torah….

The thing is, PEOPLE  are their own worst enemies.  Instead of seeking the Ruach and asking  God to please help them learn and grow and constantly update their  knowledge, they mostly tend to jump straight from one end of the  pendulum to the other, totally missing the “middle” yet eagerly  accepting what they found “way over on the other side.”

Scripture  says this would happen.  All we can is to be a LIGHT and pray for our families and friends, while keeping in mind that Matthew 7:13-14  tells us that MOST will NOT be taking that “narrow gate that leads to  life.”

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  1. I too have encountered these problems. On a boring day at work some thirteen years ago or so, the ruach convicted me on ALL ten counts. In attempting to communicate this and the concept of discarding everything you've been taught and "come unto YASHUAH/Torah as little chilren". I.E. start over. I was met with ardent opposition that continues up to this day. It really is a sorrowful pity.


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