Tuesday, June 23, 2020

How will the end times unfold?


Just wondering if I could get your opinion on how the end times will unfold.  I find it all so confusing.


GREAT question, and we invite you to read our article about the end times scenario at Yeshua’s return which, in short,describes the following and includes plenty of scripture references.

People will be born, live and die until he returns.  When he returns (on some future Yom Teruah.Rosh haShana (I'm thinking by 2030 at the latest, judging by everything that is going on), he will simply appear one day.

When he does, all those who have died since the day HE died (contrary to popular belief, nobody goes to heaven immediately after they die!), will be the first to resurrect (not bodily - as our bodies are filthy and return to dust), and then we who happen to still be alive after all the things that are happening and will continue to happen.

We will then be in that other dimension for a short while where YHWH resides, to have the Marriage Supper of the Lamb - and then we will all return to rule and reign with Yeshua for a thousand years.

The people of earth WILL recognize us because, like Adam and Eve, we will be "glowing" (like Moshe when he came down off the mountain after being in YHWH's Presence for 40 days).  Same with Yeshua.  EVERY KNEE will bow and recognize HIM!!!!

Bottom line - our "new bodies" won't be like our old bodies.  They will constantly be in touch with YHWH, with no "skin covering" like we have now.

People will still continue to be born and die during that time.  Many will NOT end up as believers, even though the world will be led ONLY by Yeshua, and that's why satan will be loosed "for a time" toward the end of that thousand years, so those people can make up their mind whether to continue following him, or to repent.

And then at the end of that millennium, this earth will somehow be gone, and we will receive a new heavan and new earth to live on for eternity with YHWH/Yeshua.


  1. Doesn't Zechariah say that we reign with Messiah from Jerulsalem during the Millineum as well?

  2. Yeshua will, but I'm pretty sure we will not all live in Jerusalem. I personally believe we will be doled out across the entire world.


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