Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Have you seen the list of demands by those "CHAZ" twits in Seattle?

Have you seen the list of demands by those "CHAZ" twits in Seattle? Click here and check it out.

They basically want FREE everything and NO law enforcement or imprisonment. (Gosh - that would make it so much easier to rob convenience stores, wouldn't it? It would enable those lazy morons to basically just take what they want from hard-working citizens who actually CONTRIBUTE something to society..)

MY UNSOLICITED ADVICE: Grow up, stop whining and blaming everyone else for your lot in life, get a JOB, integrate into normal, working society and start contributing something to make this world a better place. Get rid of your "entitled" mentality and BECOME the person God designed you to be!


  1. I wish those types of people would stop blaming everyone but themselves for their lot in life. Do you ever find it interesting how self-defeating these types of people are?

  2. If we believe and follow YHWH to the best of our ability, we come across many "World War 3" types who mock and scoff (often deliberately and willfully) at YHWH and His Word but think nothing of causing pain (with their habits and lifestyles) to others and themselves.


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