Friday, May 31, 2019

What is a “counter-missionary”?

They are Jewish Rabbis who have decided to "turn the tables" on Christians by doing some "reverse psychology" and converting Christians away from "Jesus" with their smooth-talking ways (using Torah and Talmud and even Kabballah to draw them away). They KNOW that most Christians know noting about Torah, and so the gullible are easily deceived into not only believing that Yeshua and the “New Testament” are complete MYTHS; but these cunning Rabbis then use those same people to go back and use their new-found knowledge against Christians and Messianic/Hebrew Roots types....

The truth is, ONLY THE GULLIBLE can be led astray! The problem is, the “gullibes” outnumber those who KNOW the Truth, and so they're growing in numbers! The Rabbis knew what they were doing, and it's working…

That's why one of the major goals of our website, The Refiner’s Fire, is to EXPOSE these loud-mouthed charlatans (who are making their living doing this!) and the poor souls they've deceived, who are now such "Jesus haters" that they spend every day on Facebook in counter-missionary viper pit threads to bash “Jesus, Paul and the NT” and anyone who dares to counter them.

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