Thursday, May 23, 2019

Parashah 36: B'ha'alotkha (When you set up) Numbers 8:1 through 12:16

Shabbat is on the horizon again, mischpocah!  As always, a synopsis of this week’s Torah portion can be found on our website.  This week’s Torah portion is Parashah 36: B'ha'alotkha (When you set up) Numbers 8:1 through 12:16,

Please read the synopsis and then read the entire Torah portion, along with the Haftarah (Prophets) and Brit Chadasha (New Testament) portions, in your Bible.

This week's parsha begins with God commanding Aaron the High Priest (Moses' brother) to light the Menorah every day in the Tabernacle. The Menorah's seven branches are bedecked with decorative cups, knobs and flowers – all fashioned from a single, solid piece of gold.

But then the Torah adds an interesting detail: "When you light the Menorah, be sure that the [six] outer lamps face the center" (Numbers 8:2). What do the six outer lamps represent, and why must they all face the seventh center stem?  (The answer is in the synopsis you’re about to read!)

We also learn about the repercussions of gossip; and what it means to "be chosen."  (For more, please read our synposis.  Shabbat shalom!)

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