Friday, May 31, 2019

Countering the comments of Jews who work to convert YOU away from Messiah Yeshua….

Counter-missionary Jews and their converts tend to forget that YHWH always demanded innocent blood to atone for men's sins. The Jews know that, yet they take scriptures out of context (such as Hosea 6:6, Psalm 51:16, 1 Samuel 15:22, Psalm 40:6, etc.) to show that He does NOT want sacrifices; rather just prayer and repentance. (See our article on why they are sorely mistaken.)

It is a huge mistake to suggest YHWH no longer views innocent blood as "cleansing"; it's a mistake they're making ONLY because there is no Temple today nor Levite Priests to do the sacrifices. In the meantime, YHWH gave them a Redeemer whom they refuse because "G-d never demanded human sacrifice." (See our blog article. )

Well, if they could only see that Yeshua WASN'T sacrificed. He martyred himself to allow his divine blood to be shed - against which there is no law! And if "God never required human beings to atone for men's sins, then how do they explain these passages that reveal otherwise?

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