Monday, May 14, 2018

What an idiotic presentation of the news by the New York Times!

What an idiotic presentation of the news by the New York Times!  SHAME on them! I've got news for the New York Times: If the the pathetic "Palestinians" hadn't rioted and provoked and antagonized Israel, NOBODY would have died! Israel isn't bothering anyone; but everyone around the world is certainly bothering Israel! Gee, wonder why that is?

NEWS FLASH! Jerusalem has NEVER been a "holy city" for the Muslims - EVER! Their "holy site" is Mecca. Israel belongs to the Jews - period! YHWH gave it to them. It's in scripture! (Please see our article.)

In 1948, two of Isaiah's prophecies came true when Israel was returned to the Jews and it she became a nation again "in one day!" (Isaiah 66:7-8, also see our short article on this.)

Muslims were squatters in the Land, and Israel should have kicked their butts out back in 1948. Instead, Israel has made WAY too many concessions, and even gave those demons the Temple Mount! The Muslims don't want to "share" Israel - they want the Jews dead and gone. They're descendants of Ishmael - the one who was prophesied to be a "great donkey of a man whose foot would be against everybody, and vice versa. (See our article about the origins of the Middle East Conflict.)

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  1. Sounds almost they way I did as I was talking to my television. Did you notice how desolate the land was on the "Palestinian" side? You could not even spot a weed! Where has all the $ gone that both USA & Israel send each year for aid?!


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