Friday, May 4, 2018

Parashah 32: B'har (On Mount) Leviticus 25:1 through 26:2

Shabbat shalom, everyone.  Time for another awesome Torah portion.  This week’s parasha is Parashah 32: B'har (On Mount) Leviticus 25:1 through 26:2.

This lesson is absolutely terrific as it consists of YHWH's instructions to Moshe which underscored, in no uncertain terms, man's need for obedience. YHWH made it perfectly clear that life devoid of the understanding of, and obedience to Him will result in sheer hell on earth....

Parashah 32 basically is all about the following: Set something right. Restore someone’s property. Give something back. Fix something that was broken. Trust YHWH....It starts out with YHWH discussing with Moshe (Moses) everything from commerce to land, and home and slave ownership.  For more, please click on the link above!


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