Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Reader question: Does science disprove the existence of a pre-existent outside force that launched the universe?

READER QUESTION: In chemistry, we understand the most complicated reactions among atoms and molecules, and in biology we know how the living cell works and have mapped out our entire genome. But does this vast knowledge base disprove the existence of some kind of pre-existent outside force that may have launched our universe on its way?

OUR RESPONSE: In our consideration, no, it does not disprove a pre-existent outside force (which we would call the creator.) In our understanding, science only "describes", it does not create.

Even the complicated reactions between molecules and atoms is only described. Science as yet can't even tell us what these things (atoms and fundamental particles) are; only that they understand how they react with each other.

Same for biology. Science only describes what "is" and much about how biology works. But no scientist has ever assembled molecules and atoms and created a tree, or an insect, or even a single-cell animal.

Science believes the universe began at a single spot and there was some input of energy which caused all that matter to explode. They can even tell us what they think happened just fractions of a second after the explosion. But they can't tell what happened before that moment, or in the time before.

Do you know why? Because their descriptions, their mathematics break down at the moments before the explosion; and consequently, they can't explain the origin of this original mass of matter!

Please take a look at an article I wrote a number of years ago and let me know what you think.

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