Friday, May 25, 2018

Parashah 35: Nazo (Take) Numbers 4:21 through 7:89

Shabbat shalom, mishpocah!  This week’s Torah study is Parashah 35: Nazo (Take), Numbers 4:21-7:89.

This parashah covers a multitude of commands. If you have already read it, you surely saw the magnitude of the undertaking of 600,000 Israeli men, plus the women, and the "mixed multitude" totaling more than 2 million people attempting to do YHWH's will!

This parashah not only outlines the census and the respective tasks to be carried out by YHWH’s people, but we also get a glimpse of the urgency of YHWH’s standards for cleanliness, both inward and outward; along with a whole host of other subjects, including some dire warnings concerning adultery and jealousy. 

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