Wednesday, September 13, 2017

No matter how we try to paint it, homosexuality is a sin!

Edith Windsor, champion for LGBTQ rights dies; is hailed a “true American hero” by her “wife”, Judith Kasen-Windsor and others. As sad as this is, and as much as one can empathize with the desire for human “love”; the fact remains YHWH created man and woman to procreate because, without procreation, mankind would have died out immediately. His first command to man was “be fruitful and multiply” (Gen. 1:27-28). If you go outside His Torah commands, you don’t belong to Him. Sin is sin and sinning keeps us from receiving the gift of eternal life.




  1. Thanks for telling and printing the TRUTH. Most people can't handle or just ignore the truth. Sad days for humanity. Don't ignore the Torah.
    Rick Texas

  2. i am having a awesome Sabbath Carmen an Heavenly Family!

    Someone close to me finally, FINALLY! YAHOOOO!
    STATED THIS: " I am observing Sabbath".
    This comes from a very stubborn chriztian friend whom argued for years AGAINST Torah.

    Now, i write this to you all for we thru YEHOSHUA'S sayings, are to forgive, and
    i know we art to "shake our sandals", but just perhaps, by being SLOW to shake sandals, HE has in HIS time and HIS WILL, opened this mans heart.

    i wanted to give up. but as i awoke, this lije every Sabbath mostly for tradition has been to always text him : Happy Sabbath"!

    i try to spread the Gospel by living it, not pushing it. (Except for THIS man...o' boy...i have spent many hours working on him)!
    Those whom are unbelievers respect this and the seed is planted anyway.

    All people in my life even strangers much times, begin to know THE WAY, by my actions.
    And Carmen, i am admonished to quit my cigarettes, i am in need of prayers oh Family!
    Spreading HIS WAY with a smoke in my mouth just does not cut it.

    i am happy!

    As for a past post, i called myself "lowly dog", which you admonished, and have shared with you my weaknessconcerni g my own sinful sexual lust.

    i am very focused on lust, and repenting of it, and am doing strong! i pray to FATHER I AM THAT I AM, for strength of course not just on this issue, but this is my biggest downfall i see in myself.

    i am prevailing! Women's beauty is but topical. She needs to love my FATHER!

    One must seek HIM with all thy heart and put HIM first!

    When i go my way i fail most everytime.

    Have lived 50 sinful years no marriage, nor children. (Helped raise others kids though).

    Am seeking a wife who loves HIM.

    Feeling so old now to be fruitful and multiply?

    But HIS WAY OF: THE TWO SHALL BE ONE FLESH; man and wife, is in keeping Torah/ and YEHOSHUAS sayings, thus i seek to do so.

    As i cannot seem to find even one person whom is a follower of YEHOSHUA AND HIS WAY, i am patiently awaiting even one single person to convocate with, let alone even a wife!

    Carmen, your ministry helps me, at least i feel not so alone.

    Thank you

    Happy Sabbath Family!

    1. What a beautiful post from someone who truly wants to live for YHWH/Yeshua/Torah! THANK YOU for your post and for being transparent (which certainly helps others to identify and realize it's "not too late" for them)! You are an inspiration!

  3. I believe one sin is No worse than another. We REJECT our nature upon acknowledging (recognizing) we are not God and Yeshua..IS. As the helpless thief did NO MORE than that to be TAKEN To Paradise. Humbled by God's presence.
    ALL ELSE is unnecessary!


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