Sunday, September 24, 2017

We’re all still here. The “prophets” are liars!

Sorry, but I'm NOT letting this "rapture" and "Niburu" nonsense go just yet! So, here's my rant about this horrific "rapture/Planet X" myth that many allowed themselves to be sucked into:

First of all, people who open their big mouths to "prophesy" and come up with dates of the "rapture" and other things Scripture says they shouldn't put a date on. - they need to stop, drop and roll and READ the Bible from cover to cover to see what it actually says! Why? Because if you prophesy a LIE, you should be put to death because you're going straight into the Face of YHWH whenever you make up stuff and attempt to attribute it to the Bible! (See Deuteronomy 18: 20.)

Furthermore, anybody who is able to READ should have checked Scripture to see if the Gregorian date of September 23 as the "rapture" could be found in the Bible. It's easy enough to do - just Google various Bible software. There is NO excuse for propagating OR believing lies. NONE! Whatever we need to know is IN Scripture! Not in "extra-biblical" books as some are pushing, but IN THE BIBLE - all versions. Pick one.

The thing is, so many are so lukewarm toward God and the Bible, that they truly don't know what it says, and that's why they fall for any lie that comes along (2 Timothy 4:3). I wonder how many of those "fell away" completely yesterday when they discovered that the "rapture" is probably a lie; or, that they were lied to by yet another Bible teacher - again!

This is why I keep harping that people need to get INTO Scripture for themselves so they can KNOW what it says and doesn't say, so that NOBODY will ever again be able to fool them!

YHWH makes no mistakes. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, etc., all lived their whole lives, uttering 100% accurate prophecies; therefore their writings were preserved. Today, there are many who believe themselves to have "the gift of prophecy"; but, in fact, their "prophecies" are nothing more than things they've conjured up in their own minds. One must therefore always make sure that all "prophecies" line up perfectly with the Bible. If they don't, then they aren't from God!

Another thing: Have you ever noticed that MOST of these silly "prophecies" come from non-Torah observant believers? These people usually hail from the "NT-only, grace-only" lukewarm mindset that has NO CLUE about God or the Bible, yet they're out there "prophesying" from their limited, human mindsets that is stuck on the last third of the Bible in a sea of misunderstood "Paul said..." ideology.

That is not to say that Torah observers are much better, as most of them don't necessarily adhere to Scripture, either. Most of them push their own twists on Scripture the moment they discover Torah, and are after money, fame or glory while they're "wowing" people by tossing around a few Hebrew terms. Bottom line: MOST are NOT pleasing YHWH in this "post-resurrection" era in which we live.

There's only ONE WORD that is Truth and we need to become more mindful of that.We truly need to snap out of it and start adhering to Scripture in our dealings with God and each other. We're not doing Him or ourselves any favors with our endless squabbling and "prophesying" and other silly nonsense that turns the awesome entity called THE BIBLE into a pathetic fiasco of personal opinions and ideas. Scripture says what it says. We need to start READING it - ALL of it!


  1. Do you still have the article on your site (I believe it is under letters/opinions or Attacking Christian assertions) about the Name of Our Mashiyach?

    1. I don't know, Kevin. Just use our search engine. It should probably come up for you.


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