Monday, September 25, 2017

A word about the football players and their “platforms”…

So, please help me figure this out: I understand why certain athletes and "movie stars" and whatnot have used their public platforms to "make a statement." Many of those "statements" truly were for good causes. But I don't understand this push to basically condone the radical, violent and riotous "Black Lives Matter" movement, because it seems to suggest that ALL cops are "bad" and anyone caught committing a crime or resisting law enforcement in any way, is "good."

And yes, I realize that Blacks are being killed by White cops, but look at the circumstances. I mean, this whole thing has left me wondering why there is NO outcry against criminal behavior (black or white), while, at the same time, law enforcement is being demonized. This, to me, is simply another way we humans have smacked our Creator in the Face because His Torah outlines the difference between good and evil, and we're told in numerous ways that He HATES evil. MOST today, it seems, are ignoring Him - including many who profess to be Believers….

YES, there are "bad" cops, but NOT "all cops" are bad! They are doing their jobs and part of that job is to stop criminals in action! Yet, this "Black Lives Matter" movement suggests they don't want ANY law enforcement, whatsoever. Clearly not all blacks are criminals but instead of promoting "don't commit crimes," or "don't behave badly," their "platform" seems to say the exact opposite. And to prove it, they don't just engage in peaceful protests; they become demonic and allow their protests to become excuses for breaking into stores and stealing and destroying the properties of innocent people, and generally behaving in a demonic manner.

HOW does that solve anything?

As a 22-year military veteran, I am VERY disappointed in and disgusted with the NFL football players AND their narrow-minded, money-grubbing managers who choose to use their fame and public platforms to disrespect our country's flag and consequently, those who DIED for that flag! Countless millions of Americans do not deserve this disrespect! These sports figures are not only supporting the "cops = bad; criminals = good" mentality, but they are adding to our country's mounting internal problems, including the revived racial issues. As long as we have blacks (and whites) behaving like this, we will have fringe lunatic groups such as the Neo-Nazis and "white supremacist skinheads" forming to fight against them. In the end, there will be NO winner! We ALL lose!

If these spoiled-brat, millionaire football players truly wanted to "make a statement," then they would use their illustrious "platforms" to come up with ways to HEAL, instead of continuing to divide our country. Until then, I see their behavior as DESPICABLE! Yes, they have a right to protest, but our Constitution in NO WAY suggests that anyone has a right to riot and loot and pillage and steal from and destroy the properties of innocent people who happen to get in their way.

In my opinion, you illustrious sports "heroes" - YOUR rights end where the rights of others begin! Remember that the next time you "take a knee" designed to kick in the face all that the United States has ever stood for, and those who died. God gave you a brain. Use it. The actual solution begins at home: Stop the silly, arrogant nonsense and return to the values God gave us.


  1. Carmen, you write "God gave you a brain." Well, I think that these athletes (especially in football) have literally destroyed their brains through concussions. Do you feel, think, or believe that this is why athletes exhibit irrational behavior?

    1. No, Kevin. I think they're just a bunch of over-paid, smart-aleck brat punks who think they're something special. No different from Hollyweird, LOL!

  2. There you go, shooting straight again. I concur, Amein v amein.


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