Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Some “unscripted lines” for the cast of Hamilton....

Recently, we learned that the cast of Hamilton had some “unscripted lines” for  Vice President-Elect Pence.  Well, I have some “unscripted lines” for the cast of Hamilton:  What gives “actors” the right to abuse their public venue to make political statements designed to ruin an “evening out” for the Vice-President elect  – especially when your comments consisted of nothing but conjecture and opinion? 

Actors and singers and “rappers” and other “entertainers” do this kind of thing routinely, just because they happen to have the public eye – and their “platforms” are ALWAYS bleeding-heart liberal, anti-God, “worldly” views – everything God HATES!

Actors, you need to realize Trump and Pence were elected – deal with it like normal adults in a country with a representative democracy!  The winners haven’t taken office yet, so there’s no use for you to make any “statements” about what you THINK they are or aren’t going to do!  If you don’t like the status quo, get yourself the proper education, a job that actually benefits people, and then become a politician yourself so you can try YOUR hand at running our country.  But don’t stand there on your “high and mighty” ENTERTAINMENT platform to make UNFOUNDED allegations against people who haven’t even yet been sworn into office!

What do I mean by “unfounded”?  Well, you accused the upcoming administration of not “protecting and defending” your inalienable rights” and your “American values.”  I’m guessing those “inalienable rights and American values” refer to your liberal desires to maintain the dung heap known as Hollywood which praises lewdness and filth of every kind? 

Or perhaps you’re referring to the dung heap of liberal “I’m entitled” and “let’s all sit at home and draw welfare” ideas that that Obama promoted?  …You know, the guy who has knocked himself out to fan the flames of prejudice and has never, in eight years, bothered to act like a REAL President who would condemn WRONG – such the horrific and senseless rioting that broke out after the election results came in; that guy who made abortion into a GOOD thing and thus helped you ACTORS to start forcing homosexuality into our living rooms at prime time so that the few GOD-FEARING people who reside in America would learn to realize that “being gay” is suddenly totally “normal” just because that is what the majority thinks.

Well, newsflash!  Just because the majority thinks something doesn’t make it “right”….

“Values” is a relative term.  I’m a million percent positive that YOUR values are NOT the same as the values God expects to see in HIS people!  Your “values” include turning into a positive thing everything God ever considered “bad”!  Your values and ideas consist of giving people “time off work” and the formation of “cry rooms” because their favorite candidate didn’t win.  Liberals seem to consist of spoiled brats who have never recognized that normal people don’t need to see a psychiatrist every time something doesn’t go their way…. And what’s really sad is, when things DON’T go their way, they not only form “protests” but they immediately resort to violence, rioting and looting – obviously, because they view it as a “value” and their “inalienable right!”

Yeah, Hamilton cast, do tell us about  your “American values” and  ”inalienable rights” that  have been twisted to mean “inalienable desires” – the desires to disrespect and fight the law at every turn because today’s Americans don’t appreciate  rules or law enforcement of ANY kind …especially when they are caught in the act of committing a CRIME!  

QUESTION FOR ALL ENTERTAINERS:  Since when does YOUR “right” override anyone else’s?  It’s time people like you - who rake in the “big bucks” from a sinking, amoral society that has gone into enormous debt because too many simply aren’t smart enough to curb their “want-itis” – learned that actual RIGHTS include your “right” to behave as decent, moral human beings who are willing to defend morality instead of doing your level best to force criminal behavior and all manner of decadence into becoming the across-the-board norm….

From now on, I suggest you “Hollywood” types (some of whom clearly view themselves as little gods) remember that not everyone idolizes you and your chosen profession - and we are repulsed by the fact that you think yourself to be important enough to use your public venue to voice your illustrious, liberal, self-aggrandizing OPINIONS.    YOUR ILK after all, helped America get to where it is today:  Down the tubes, into the bog of decadence and  immorality where people wallow in everything our Creator HATES!


  1. Well said Shali! Had a similar discussion over the past week with relatives. Of course my views were not welcomed or respected.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that, Joan! The thing is, unless folks have the Holy Spirit within, they cannot possibly understand the cesspool that is "Hollywood" with all its arrogance and decadence, etc.

  2. Fantastic commentary, Shali. Full of truth. Hollywood is a cesspool. Consequently I rarely go to the movies... why support the filth?

    1. Thanks for your comment! I wish more people felt the way you do!

  3. I agree. It seems I can't find anything decent to watch on Netflix anymore. Almost every show has to have its token gay person (or effeminate wizard in kids' shows), and they all end up making them look like it's normal. I'll stick with my nature shows.


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