Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A short comparison of America with the Book of Judges

Please read the Book of Judges where you will see the rise and fall of YHWH’s people – and then compare it to what’s happening in America today. One leader did things according to Torah; the next didn’t. (The entire Tanach (OT) is filled with that type of behavior.) YHWH’s anger was constantly flaring as His people continued to do their own thing (which the USA has been doing for decades now!).

That’s why we see a WOMAN Judge in Chapter 4 – because, honestly, there were NO “good men” in those days! (And please don’t misread this as any kind of support for Hillary. Hillary is NO Ruth, and I really don’t see her as Prez of the USA…)

What I’m saying here is, just like in America today, in those days (and throughout history) men have kept on doing their own thing, then crying out for good leaders when, most of the time, there were none to be found. (Compare this to what Americans have to choose from THIS time around!) Take a look at this progression in just this tiny snippet from the Book of Judges:

Judges 2: 18 When ADONAI raised up judges for them, ADONAI was with the judge and delivered them from the hands of their enemies throughout the lifetime of the judge; for ADONAI was moved to pity by their groaning under those oppressing and crushing them.

19 But after the judge died, they would relapse into worse behavior than that of their ancestors, following other gods to serve and worship them; they abandoned none of their practices or stubborn ways.

20 So the anger of ADONAI blazed against Isra'el; he said, "Because this nation violates my covenant, which I ordered their fathers to obey; and they don't pay attention to what I say; 21 in the future, I will not expel ahead of them any of the nations that Y'hoshua left when he died.

22 This is how I will test Isra'el, to see whether or not they will keep the way of ADONAI, living according to it, as their ancestors did." 23 So ADONAI allowed those nations to remain where they were, without quickly driving them out; he did not hand them over to Y'hoshua. (CJB)

Judges 6: 1 But the people of Isra'el did what was evil from ADONAI's perspective, so ADONAI handed them over to Midyan for seven years. 2 Midyan exercised its power harshly against Isra'el, and because of Midyan the people of Isra'el hid themselves in mountains, in caves and in other safe places.

America seems to be headed in that same direction! We have been “doing evil” against ADONAI since we kicked God out of schools and government in 1962. We are more vile now than ever. Our once great nation is nothing but a decadent, filthy nation that lauds abortion and homosexuality and everything else YHWH hates. Without going into details, even supposed “believers” are compromising their faith by twisting and/or Scripture and defending rampant evil of all kinds….

There's only one Person who will be able to change things and save us from ourselves THIS time around!  I pray He won't delay His Second Coming!

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