Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Can we see Donald Trump in Revelation 13?

Okay, I’m going out on a limb here, but a word popped into my mind while I was watching TV recently, about the continuing saga of Trump and “Billary”: The word was “sea” … The beast will come out of the sea. Please bear with me, because it’s been something that’s been nagging at me for some time, and I need to get it out of my system. Whether you think I’m wrong or right, is strictly up to you. Just humor me, okay? Here goes:

I’ve been saying all along that I believe Trump is going to win this election. Why? Well, because (1) he somehow ended up as the nominee, despite the fact that the Republican party had SEVERAL REALLY GOOD candidates; and (2) because somehow this totally unqualified Presidential candidate keeps rebounding, no matter what horrible things ooze out of the shadows of his past; or how many outrageous things he vomits from his egotistical mouth.

The Books of Daniel and Revelation have been steadily unfolding before our very eyes, and – judging by everything that has been happening in the world (some of which have been of “biblical proportions”), we can certainly surmise that we are VERY close to Y’shua’s return! (Y’shua, as you know, is the ONLY ONE who can put an end to man’s nonsense!) Therefore, we cannot rule out that Trump may just be the person to which Revelation 13 refers.

Here’s Revelation 13 from the AENT, with my comments strategically inserted:

Revelation 13: 1. And he stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast of prey come up from the sea, having ten horns and seven heads; and upon his horns ten diadems, and upon his heads names of blasphemy.

NOTE: Trump, who has a European heritage, came out of the "sea" (the world with all its ungodly ways). He’s not a politician (which he’s using to his advantage since people are tired of Washington politics - never mind that they, themselves, are responsible for the endless VOTING INTO office these “bad” politicians!).

He’s simply someone who was "born into money and privilege" and has bullied his way into GETTING his way, and used “the system” to his advantage whenever and wherever he could. Case in point:  How Trump avoided paying taxes.

Revelation 13: 2. And the beast of prey which I saw, was like a leopard; and his feet like (those) of a wolf, and his mouth like the mouth of lions: and the dragon gave to him his own power and his throne, and great authority.

NOTE: The “leopard” and “wolf” references denote “stealthy” and “cunning” – someone stalking his prey. Did you notice in the last debate Trump had with Clinton, that he was constantly behind her as she spoke, appearing to “stalk” her? Hillary even said as much!

It's no secret that Trump has a “mouth like the mouth of lions.” He is a “blowhard” who is forever "roaring" and pounding his own chest and insisting that his exalted opinions are basically gospel. He's constantly busy berating others (women, Mexicans, Muslims, handicapped people) while idolizing himself, never EVER admitting defeat of ANY kind – even if he should lose the election! He has been desperately trying to prepare his followers for his possible defeat by hammering home the point that the “system” and the “election processes” are RIGGED...

Revelation 13: 3. And one of his heads was wounded as it were to death; and his deadly wound was healed. And all the earth wondered after the beast of prey. 4. And they worshipped the dragon, because he had given authority to this beast of prey, and (they said), who can make war upon him?

NOTE: Trump has had several bad “blows to the head” from the things he has so bluntly and emphatically espoused; but none were as bad as his “locker room banter” as a 59-year-old man (at the time – and a well-known businessman at that!).

Yet, many (if not most) Americans immediately forgave and even defended him, suggesting “it was in his past”; and hey, "we HAVE to vote, even if it's for the 'lesser of two evils.'" (So much for what YHWH demands of His "set apart people.")

Regardless, this issue caused Trump to fall way behind Hillary in popularity … yet, suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, Clinton’s “email issues” resurfaced, thanks to her emails somehow ending up on the very laptopCongressman Weiner used that are now part of an FBI investigation related to his lewd and perverted activities.

If it is discovered that any of the Clinton emails were classified, she will be history BECAUSE she knew not to send classified emails via an unclassified server. (When someone receives any kind of security clearance, they are AMPLY BRIEFED on the PROPER handling of classified documents! No matter HOW “innocent” and “ignorant” she tries to appear, that woman KNEW what she was doing! But, again, American voters tend to ignore and/or skew facts and defend wrongdoing....)

NOW check out these future events regarding this person in Scripture:

Revelation 13: 5. And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemies (Trump has already been doing these things!): and authority was given him to operate forty and two months. 6. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy towards Elohim, to blaspheme his name and his tabernacle, and them who dwell in heaven. 7. And authority was given him over every tribe and people and tongue and nation: and it was given him to wage war with the Set Apart believers, and to overcome them. 8. And all that dwell on the earth whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, will worship him.

Revelation 13: 9. If any one has ears, let him hear. 10. If (anyone) carries into captivity, he will himself go into captivity; and if anyone slays with the sword, he must be slain with the sword: here is the patience and the faith of the Set Apart believers.

11. And I saw another beast of prey which came out of the earth; and he had two horns like those of a lamb, and he spoke like the dragon. 12. And before him he exercised all the authority of the first beast of prey whose deadly wound was healed. 13. And he brought about great signs, even so as to make fire come down from heaven upon the earth, before men.

14. And he seduced them that dwell on the earth (MANKIND IS EASILY SEDUCED, and has been since the Garden of Eden!) to erect an image to the beast of prey who had the wound from a sword and recovered.

15. And it was given him to put life into the image of the beast of prey; and to cause that all they who would not worship the image of the beast of prey, should be slain: 16. and to cause that all, great and small, rich and poor, bond and free, should receive a mark on their right hands, or upon their foreheads; 17. so that no one might be able to buy or to sell, except those who had the mark of the name of the beast of prey, or the number of his name. 18. Here is wisdom: let him that has intelligence compute the number of the beast of prey; for it is the number of a man: and its number is six hundred and sixty and six.*

* In terms of the number of the Beast, the name “Nero Caesar” adds up to a Gematria of 666 in Hebrew and Aramaic. However, this never works in Greek or Latin, as Origen found out to his dismay in the late Second Century. While this book of Revelation is written outside of specific “time” as we know it, the examples and instances of the past and present, ultimately repeat themselves while racing towards their final fulfillment.

Although 666 is haSatan’s identifying number, the Anti-Mashiyach types also wear this number. Anti-Mashiyach can relate to humans under haSatan’s control, those who use positions of power and authority to wreak havoc. Rav Shaul teaches he is the “man of lawlessness” but still a man; 2 Thess 2:3-8 reveals that the man has false divine aspirations.

Human manifestations of haSatan are men like Nero, who is a shadow of what is to come. Rome has long been the focal point of evil, so how much more would the Emperor reflect that, especially when he murdered both Rav Shaul and Keefa!

BY THE WAY, I’m not the first person to see Trump in Revelation 13!


  1. usa started as monarchy..then republic..then super power..the western roman empire fell by mass integration..see the similarity average age of empire is 243 years old..usa is 243 years old.....1776 us govt took over for rome(part of) d.c looks just like rome with the same senate buildings(capitalina)..we have destroyed ourselves example 22million to study dark energy..my aunt told me the dark angle is the evil angel..the white angel is the good angel..not necessary the color of humanns but a practice in the soul(freemasonry,witchcraft,magic,ect..).GOD AND ST.MICHAEL COMING SOON...

    1. Wow - you are quite the conspiracy theorist, aren't ya? NONE of what you wrote is true...

  2. Good blog actually but a bit early. It's Feb 2021 and the LORD is coming shortly as we have more signs like the torahcalendar.com showing the 6001st year is only weeks away. The book of truth (daniel 11) is open, showing verse after verse coming true as we await the abomination of desolation which is at the 6th seal and the rapture of the church. I could keep going - Isaiah 26: 19-21 about this pestilence were in.

    1. Thank you, Anonymous, for your comment. Of course "torahcalendar.com" is no "sign" of anything. While they claim March 14, 2021 is the beginning of the 6001st year, (torahcalendar.com/PLAN.asp), they have at best only crude speculation and opinion, but at worse they are a dangerous "date setting" site of the kind that have in the past led many people to great peril. There are many people who read torahcalendar.com and will simply trust them for "truth" since they, themselves, do not have the intellect to discern the flaws in the site's assessment and they will literally believe this completely bogus date advocated by torahcalendar.com. In fact, we are told that NO ONE knows the date or the hour of the Messiah's return, Matthew 24:36.

      The March 14th date may well be IN the 6000th or 6001st year but they don't really know that, nor do I know that, nor does anyone else know that. But even if it IS the 6001st year, March, 2021 CAN'T mark the time of the 2nd Coming because a number of events must happen before the Messiah returns, (all of which are provided in scripture) yet none of them have happened! These events certainly are not going to happen before March 14th this year!

      We hold no value to the writings of torahcalendar.com and certainly don't advocate that anyone believe what they have written. Even though we agree with many of the conclusions torahcalendar.com has identified as to exactly HOW the Hebrew calendar is to be properly determined, they go too far suggesting that "their calendar is the only CORRECT calendar". They make many bad assumptions based only on their narrow and sometimes incorrect interpretation of scripture.

      And finally, books have been written about Daniel and Isaiah and yours is only one of many, many opinions about Daniel 11 and Isaiah 26.

      Thanks again for the comment.


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