Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A word about all the Internet "teachers" and their "teachings"

A wonderful, Torah observant sister has written the following that I felt needed to be shared with the world.  It concerns all the self-proclaimed Internet "teachers" and "teachings" - many (if not most) of which are completely skewed and reeking of personal opinion instead of Scripture. She has voiced my sentiments exactly. Please take a couple of minutes to read her words of truth:

For the last few weeks I have just been watching and learning the mindset of those who are professing to be believers. I have come to the conclusion that we NOW need more qualified teachers more than ever.

The amount of disarray is unbelievable. Everyone seems to think they are the only ones with an answer, yet they have not studied enough to find the answer. Of course they have been of this understanding for an entire 6 months now. That seems to the line in the sand where supernatural understanding begins to take hold of some of these people.

The best examples I can offer is this: I have seem more people study more of the Satanic Bible than they are Scripture. More people are searching out pagan "stuff" more than studying Scripture. I see very obscure reasoning dealing with illusions instead of facts. There is a lack of cultural and diverse understanding of the times in which Scripture was written or even the players that are mentioned in Scripture. Some feel the need to seek out conspiracy stories instead of Scripture. Some have the idea of Elohim yet they don't really know Elohim, they just know about Him. Etc., etc.. The list is at a point of non ending.

People are all over the gambit with their ideas of who they are and what rights they have. Scripture is being twisted to a new paramount to suit the person doing the twisting. Not only are some twisting Scripture, they have no idea what Scripture really is. The PC crowd now declares they have a "right" to state their teachings as true because they have just found out they are "Israel" which somehow gives them supernatural knowledge that no one else seems able to attain.

My question is: Where is this all coming from? Since when does Scripture defy the need for a qualified teacher? Since when does Scripture allocate a "personal" right to anything? Since when does the Ruach speak conflicting words that do not line up with Scripture? So many talk about the knowledge that abounds in our day and time. To that I have to ask...What knowledge is being referred to by that statement.

I would rather see a person find one subject in Scripture and study every lead possible to fully understand it than to see all the half truths bouncing off of walls in every direction, At least the person will have a good understanding of that subject instead of only superficial understanding.

If we pick a subject to study, study all of it. Don't just study what you believe, study the flip side of that also. Study all of the pros and cons of a subject, whether you agree or not. Unless we know both sides, inside and out, we really do not know that subject. We only have an illusion of knowing it.

This is the first time I can truly say, though observation, that people are being destroyed by their own faulty reasoning and lack of knowledge. The really sad part is, those same people are dragging down others with them.

Please, take time and really study Scripture from all angles, don't throw out the need for a good and qualified teacher. We all need a teacher and that is the core of community that is so prevalent in Scripture. Let us try to return some sanity to what we do, the outside world is watching us and so far we are not doing a good job of representing our Elohim.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post Sister Shali and i agree with every words stated here. We should be like "Bereans" who don't easily believe what is being said out there but study the the scripture and know the truth.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Anonymous!

  2. Shali, I tell people that the pre-flood generation (Adam and Eve to Noah and his three children) lived 900+ years. Skeptics and supposed believers respond "it depends on how years were measured then." I've heard theories regarding such a thing. Too me, the ages and years sound like literal ages and years.

    1. Thanks, Kevin! While no one really knows exactly how years were measured, the bottom line is, it is clear that, as time went on and mankind started becoming ever more decadent, YHWH reduced the number of years men should live.


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