Thursday, May 21, 2020

Times sure have changed….

For those of us who were born in the middle of the last century, we’ve had the privilege of seeing a growing change in humanity ... and it has not necessarily been for the better, as one would have thought.

The behavior and lifestyles of many Americans today has gone from one extreme to the other, where "bad" and outrageous and even downright sinful acts are now viewed as "good" and "normal" - and if you can't "get with the program," then you're just plain weird! Everyone is an expert at everything in their own eyes, and you're violently berated and even threatened if you dare disagree with them in any way.

We have it easier than ever, thanks to electronic devices that allow us to have information and communication, etc. at our fingertips - yet, our nation has become more "dumbed down" than ever before, and there is no such thing as common sense anymore.

Not to mention that we've gone completely backwards when it comes to things such as race relations, Neither side gives an inch, jealously guarding and clinging to their hatred and preconceived notions. Instead of desiring to "talk things out," they all want to whip out their guns and kill each other.

It seems in America, the more technologically advanced we became, the more we lost our humanity, civility and ability to recognize our need to get in touch with our Creator and His Divine Instructions for mankind.... (In America, nobody wants instructions or rules of ANY kind - it's "against their precious rights"....)

Everybody in America is into doing their own selfish thing, no matter how adversely it might affect someone else. Founded on Judeo-Christian values, we've evolved into a mostly godless society consisting of instant-gratification-on-demand, me-oriented people.

My homeland of Germany isn't much different. Having been stationed in Germany with the US Army for nearly 12 years, I got to see Germans evolve from the hard,authoritarian, super-gruff and stubborn "I know everything" types, to overly lax and tolerant about "everything and anything" - especially when it comes to religion (and especially Islam, which they have even allowed to creep into their government at every level for the last 5 decades or so...)

They have absolutely allowed their country to be overrun by Muslims - and most don't seen to notice that the Muslims are NOT bothering to integrate into German society. I personally feel that Germany will be the first entire nation to succumb to the "convert or die" command. And most will "convert" because they don't know or care about God, anyway.

Sorry for the long rant, but I can't see anything positive about humanity anymore. I've lived long enough now to have witnessed the destruction of our planet, each other, and society, in general. ONLY the return of Yeshua is going to turn things around!.

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  1. There are many degenerates and reprobates who live in the world war 3 mode when their false, insecure and unstable foundations are attacked. But they will make every excuse for their crooked ways and defend it as freedoms or rights.


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