Monday, May 11, 2020

An interesting fact about the Hebrew letter "Shin"....

A Facebook friend, Jeremy Chance Springfield, enlightened us to a very interesting fact about the Hebrew letter "Shin".  He wrote:

This sign has a biblically-derived origin according to Judaism: Song of Songs 2:9 speaks of the male “peering through the lattices” at his love. Based on this, the high priest would make this shape with both hands, join them at the thumb, raise them up about face-level, and recite the Aaronic benediction. It was believed that the Presence / Shekinah would peer through those “lattices” at the people of Israel gathered in the Temple.

A Cohen will still do this in a synagogue today. Nimoy saw this and thought to add it to his character. Additionally, it is custom not to look at this sign when it is done out of respect for the Presence, but to look instead at the speaker’s feet.

Interestingly, right before Yeshua ascended, we are told he “raised” his hands and blessed the disciples. This appears to be a reference to this very blessing. And what is interesting is that the disciples would have known to drop their eyes to his feet, which the text then tells us lifted from the ground as he was taken up.

Image may contain: ‎possible text that says '‎LIVE LONG AND PROSPER The Letter SHIN Stands For שדי SHADDAI SHADDAI is Hebrew name for LORD. The Temple Priests would hold out cheir hande in this position to give the Bonediction: "May the LORD bless you and keep you. May He lift up His Face to shine Light upon you and be gracious to you, and may He give you Peace."‎'‎

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